Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Winter Games, Round Six

Here's a new entry in My Winter Games (a self-imposed challenge to rescue a big pile of unwanted plastic doohickies from ending up in a landfill).  Have a look at these:

Yep, I took a bunch of the doohickies in question...

...and repurposed them as decorative box handles.

I love re-using old tins and commercial containers - they are often super sturdy and beautiful, and I hate to throw them out.  Adding a decorative handle turns them into great gift boxes, or cool storage for anywhere around the house.

A candle came in this one:

And there was that time in London - I didn't actually need any oatcakes, but when I saw the box they came in, suddenly I did.

To embellish the handles, I threaded beads, flowers or whatnots onto a wire, and made swirlies on both ends of the wire to secure it all to the doohickie.

The simplest method to attach the handles: I punched two pairs of holes in a box lid, then wired the doohickie on like so:

I twisted the wires together underneath, snipped off the excess, then covered the  rough ends with adhesive felt dots.  (You could also glue a piece of felt to cover the entire underside.)

I branched out from commercial containers and tins to embellish a shabby Dollar Store cutie:

A vintage Japanese box:

And a cool lidded basket from Thailand.

That one has a big chunk of branch coral, wired on with two drilled holes:


I made a dozen boxes, using up 12 more ski clips, then forced myself to stop.  This is one of those limitless projects - if I have any of my doohickies left over after the games, I can always make a zillion more of these.

Doohickies used so far: 108 (out of of 247).

What'll I make next?  Ahhh.  You'll just have to come back and see.  In the meantime, hope you liked this box idea!

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  1. I love this box idea, but I am curious does it take weight? I mean can you put something inside the box and carry it?

    1. Hi, Divya! Well, not with my decorative boxes, because they all have lids that simply lift off. But if you used a box with hinges and a latch, it would definitely take weight, depending on how strong the box is and what gauge wire you use. The handles themselves would probably be 300lb test - you would not believe how strong they are.

  2. I love all of these and I think the shape of the handles particularly led themselves to the oriental style in a fabulous way. You just need 12 more gold medals to tie Michael Phelps!

  3. There you go thinking outside of the box again. Love these and the clever ways you attach the handles.

  4. Oh Lovely! so much fun! and looks pretty! and the basket you are showing above from Thailand.. these hand weaved baskets were once popular in Pakistan, but now these are just antiques!
    well another fun post, thanks for sharing :)

  5. I have an idea!! Attach the doohickie to a cup and you've got a mug with a handle! Use two and you've got a soup mug. Yummmmmy

  6. I can't believe these doohickies were going to go to landfill - what a waste when there are clearly millions of uses for them!!