Who am I?

I am a former screenwriter, originally from Seattle.  Now I live with a husband and a Bagel Hound in a cool old Los Angeles neighborhood, surrounded by 1920's Spanish architecture, odd thrift stores and Ethiopian restaurants.  Besides my family, my favorite things are designing weird jewelry and collecting vintage plastic anything.

So what's this blog all about?

Mich L. in L.A. is my little online laboratory: experiments in weird upcycled jewelry, with a bit of home decor thrown in.

Just how weird is my jewelry?

Pretty weird.  I live to mix media.  Sometimes my mixtures curdle.  But sometimes they turn out beautiful, or humorous, or thought-provoking...that is when I love this blog.

What the heck is Guess The Mystery Thing?

My most popular feature is a game called Guess The Mystery Thing.  Every so often, I challenge my readers to identify the mysterious upcycled ingredient in one of my jewelry designs.  People's guesses are always funny, creative, and worth the price of admission all by themselves.

I hope you'll come play along - it's open to everyone, you don't have to sign up or be a 'follower' or anything tricky like that.  Just write in your guess and pit your wits against me.

Do I accept advertising?


Do I do sponsored posts?

Contact me at anygenre (at) earthlink.net and let's discuss!

What the heck is a Bagel Hound?

It's half Beagle, half Basset Hound.  And it's really cute.  Especially when there's a gust of wind.