Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ring On Fire Tutorial

Okay, I think we should all make one of these flamin' rings -

And wear them to the most ordinary places and start a trend!  If I teach you make one, are you with me?  Prepare to make a statement...

They look complicated, a bit?   But I swear they are not hard to make.  Budget half an hour, that's all.

Oh, BTW - they're made from little plastic bowling pins.

So raid a toy chest or take a trip to the dollar store.  Score a bowling pin.  Let us begin!

Snip across.

Then start snipping at a slant, making a diagonal cut from top to bottom.

Make a whole bunch of the diagonal cuts (parallel to each other), and you will end up with this:

Grab one of the strips and wrap it around a skewer.  Try to yank it as tight as possible.  It will set into a curl.

Repeat with all the strips!  You can make lots of skinny minnies, or just a few bigger bolder curls - each gives a different look to your finished ring.

Um, okay, I know it's tall.  If you are a little bit scared, if you want something less cray-cray, you could always give it a haircut.

What if you don't have a toy bowling pin handy?  Make the flames with any small bottle or container.   In the pic below, the white one is an aspirin bottle, the amber is a prescription bottle:

(For your first try, I advise something made of thinner plastic - so much easier to cut!  Those prescription bottles take a lot of muscle - but oh, how they catch the light.)

Now poke two holes in the bottom of your flame.

To assemble the most basic version, you will need a ring blank, some craft wire and your flame.

Bend the wire in half.  Thread the two ends up through the ring blank and the flame.

Then simply reach inside the flame (with fingers or pliers)  and twist the wires together. 

Swirl the wires by twisting them around something long and skinny:

And that's it, the basic Ring On Fire!  It's cute!

For a little more of the fancy, add a decorative item to cradle the flame.  Like a metal filigree:

Maybe a silk flower?

In that one I doubled up the wire & added beads to the four ends.

Okay, I'm going to wear mine to the hardware store and Starbucks...

Where are you wearing yours?



  1. I can't believe someone actually guessed what the Ring On Fire was made from. Very clever of you. What will you do with the bowling ball?

  2. Whigh dollar store did you buy them at?

    1. Hi, Ashley! Got them at 99 Cents Only, hope you can find some similar ones by you. Good hunting!

  3. perfect in anyway you made it!

  4. Be careful where you go with the wire squiggly things. It'll either catch on your clothes, get stuck in the popcorn when you got o the movies, or someone will report you having a lethal weapon. Not brass knuckles but...could cause a few scrapes to the unexpected fool who wants to mess with you.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I tweeted about this tutorial. ( You are such an inspiration to me with the way you can turn anything into jewelry. You are like the MacGyver of jewelry-making.

  6. Love what Christine called you - the MacGyver of jewelry making! Really fun tutorial - just retweeted it.

  7. How clever :) Mich you always share something Totally Different..

  8. Como siempre, ideas divertidas, originales y bonitas!!

  9. Very unique! Looks complicated but I like every detail of it! Thanks for this tutorial!

  10. You are so crazy. I would have never guessed what they are made of. Thanks for the comment at Dollar Store Crafts. I immediately recognized you, and of course you would appreciate resourcing the recycle bin for a bracelet.

  11. Goodness gracious great rings of fire!!! In my best Jerry Lee Lewis voice, of course. :)

  12. What the...this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. They are like Howard Hugh's fingernails, but rainbow. Oh man, where am I going to get a bowling pin???!?!?!

  13. I will proudly wear this to my monthly Red Hat Society Dinner. I may even make a few for my friends. They are fabulous!!!

  14. I would wear mine on Tuesday when I play bowling with the 'Golden Agers'. These women are always dressed to the nines and love to wear their bling on their fingers. That will keep them gossiping the whole game so I can win!!! LOL!