Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Minute Vase Necklace - Made From A Toy Bowling Pin!

I have never been very good at the actual game of bowling.  A per-game average of 53 points is a good day at the lanes for me.

However, I can juggle the pins.  And I can make these...

From these!

A set of mini-bowling pins from the dollar store!  So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you fancy-schmancy-65-points-per-game hotshots.

Can't teach you to juggle pins on this blog, but I can surely teach you to make these charming little vase necklaces.  They will take you less than five minutes apiece, and you will get nine of them for a dollar.  (Look in the toy or party favor section of your local dollar store.  If you can't find 'em there, try a party supply store or the kid section of a regular toy store.)  So step on up!



 A length of cord and two knots.

Or a slender chain, simply threaded through the holes.

Done and done!!!!!!!


Holy ball chutes, Batman!  You made a necklace.

Tinker around with this basic recipe to your heart's content.  Fer example, I added a matte finish and a silver dangle to this red one:

There are lots more things I want to try; ModPodge, papier mache, beaded chain, ribbons, paint and Sharpies come to mind.

Tips for filling your vases.

Don't add anything too top-heavy, or the vase will tip forward. 

I came up with this clever idea for using silk flowers.  Tie or wire a big bead to a couple of little blooms, like so:

Then just drop them into the vase, and the flowers will stay put!  Yay!

You can use real flora, too.  Here's how!  First, and very important: drop in a small rock or big glass bead, to add weight to the bottom.

Then stuff the vase with florist's foam.

Add stems...

And maybe some tiny beads on wire..

Try this with herbs for a sweet-smelling nosegay!

If you like, add a few drops of water; just remember to change out the damp florist's foam each time the necklace is worn.

What a blast that was!  Now, what to do with the bottom half of the bowling pins?  How's about this?

For my Ring On Fire tutorial, click right here.  See you!


  1. Replies
    1. Very creative recycling idea for old toys. Good job ;)

  2. Pinterest-worthy. Just need to get me some pins. I love this tute!

  3. Can you see the big smile on my face? Tooooooo cute!

  4. Wow! This is so creative idea! I am pinning for the future! Marvellous sprng craft :)

  5. Strikingly adorable... hee hee... couldn''t help it... hee hee. :)

  6. So cute! I love just about anything in miniature.

  7. love love love this! and my kids even have a set of bowling pins.....maybe they won't notice and I could make some fun necklaces for Purim! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling sunday!

  8. Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!
    The ring on fire reminds me of The Hunger Games, maybe Katnis should be sporting one!
    I invite you to follow me on facebook too!

    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  9. great idea and fun too! Thanks

  10. It's to cute! Great idea!

  11. Like this idea. Where did you get the pins? In the toy section someplace?



    1. Hi, Carolyn! I found mine at Dollar Tree in the toy section. You can also look for similar ones in party supply shops or the cheapo toy section at big box stores.