Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Winter Games, Round Three

Have a look at these, willya?

They are project number three in my self-imposed challenge to repurpose 247 of these crazy little plastic doohickies.

They're non-recyclable packing clips for skis.  They were destined for a landfill, until I agreed to take them as a crafty challenge.  (Click here to read about how I got 'em.)

In Rounds One and Two, I used up 60 clips, making interesting tray handles and Asian-inspired scroll-legged planter bases.

My third idea: purse handles.  Would they not make ideal little grips for a two-handled handbag?  Yes, they would!   I didn't have one of those to work on, so instead I repurposed an item from the Dollar Store....an index card case.

I drilled double holes in the ski clips, and attached them to the card cases with rubber washers in between.  I used strong cord and tied it off underneath.

Makes a cute, single-handled mini purse...

Or - my personal preference - flip it upside down to carry as a clutch, with fingers slipped inside the ski clip.

I love that this is another great blank slate project.  Aren't they just begging to be embellished?

With more of the same cord, I attached some big carved pendants.

I used two ski clips in this round, bringing my total so far to 62.

I do hope you guys are enjoying this series!  I noticed a few comments from folks saying they don't see the point, because the ski clips aren't something people can acquire and use for crafting.   True - nobody is gonna pick these up at Michaels and start making trays.

I intended these games more as inspiration than literal tutorials.  I love to look for ways to salvage the world's useless throwaways.  You may not have these exact black scrolly ski clips, but maybe you have the broken bits of a whatsit, or a plastic knicknack off the inside of a thingamajig.  Now - what will you make from it?

Vive le junque! 

More ideas to come, you guys.  Round Four is a cutie.

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  1. " I noticed a few comments from folks saying they don't see the point, because the ski clips aren't something people can acquire and use for crafting. No, that's true - nobody is gonna pick these up at Michaels and start making trays." Really.. the point is YOU found something to play with, it is your blog and all. Enjoy your Found In WA toys.

  2. they are the ones who litter the place with their non recycle able stuff..hmm. I think idea will work for the plastic binders as well - you can make briefcases out of them

  3. Oh look at you! Another gold medal, seriously a major trifecta! And you have given me another idea! I'm kind of looking forward to getting my hands on a few of these babies. Boo to naysayers everywhere!

  4. This is my favorite repurpose so far.

  5. This is so inspirational for me! I'm always thinking, "I could do something with that," but never getting around to coming up with an idea. Now I do have a couple of ideas for things I've been saving. Thanks!

  6. I've been enjoying watching these. It has given me ideas for the flotsam and jetsam I've got at my house.

  7. I love your ideas. I thought I was creative, but you" take the cake"!! Keep the inspiration coming!!

  8. Gold medal for you. Looking forward to the next game!

  9. love love love! it's all about keeping things from landfill and this is an awesome series - thank you!!!

  10. Fantabulous! You really know how to keep us thinking outside the box!!

  11. Love these! Can't help but think it's a perfect art project for a 5 y.o. b-day party!
    Can you use hot glue to attach them?

    I'm having visions of some workshop near the ski area opening for the sole purpose of recreating your awesome upcycle projects and selling it to the ski lodge guests!

  12. I wanted to say something nasty to the Michaels contingent, but really, they probably just aren't very creative, which is too bad, but maybe they're learning from you. Maybe remind them that if you can buy all the components at Michaels, everyone else can, too, and you end up with pretty generic kitsch. I'm trying to think of good handles for the card case purses from my personal stash of junque...way cool. Kate

  13. Coolest upcycle yet. I'm a handbagaholic. Would love to get my hand on a set of those ski clip thingies or something like them.

  14. These are great! I am all about using what you have to make something amazing and unique. Thanks for the inspiration.