Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Winter Games, Round Five

Hiya!  If this your first visit to this series called My Winter Games, here's the basic idea.  I have been on a mission to repurpose 247 of these strange little doohickies:

They used to be packing clips for skis.  Non-recyclable and unwanted, they were bound for the landfill until I agreed to take them for a crafty challenge.  (Click here to read how it started.)  In previous rounds I turned them into planter bases, tray handles, purse handles and hanging hooks.

Today in Round Five, something sssso different, sssso unexpected!  My favorite sssso far.  I give you...

Hee hee, aren't they the cutest!?  Here are some more...

Perhaps you're wondering what part of the doohickie I used!  Another look at that closeup:

If you remember Round Four's hanger hook project?  The snake heads are actually the tiny discarded pieces from the center of the ski clips, when I sawed them apart to make the hooks!

I do so love my beaded rattlers.  I had a blast trying out different materials.  I think my favorite is this one, made from an old-fashioned type of bead called a chevron.  It looks very snaky to me!

These serpents shall live in my house as friendly totems, to help calm my fear of the real kind.

And you will not be at all surprised that some of them have become jewelry.  They make delightful memory wire wrap bracelets:


I'm still experimenting with different jewelry designs - you may see a glimpse a bit later.

In the doohickie count, I can't really claim to have used up any more - but I find merit in the fact that I did not have to throw out  the tiny midsections from the hook project.

Total used so far still stands at 96.

I'm so glad you all seem to be grooving with the project!  Thanks for all the nice comments and emails, you guys!

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  1. Adorable- I really like the idea of memory wire snake necklace and/or bracelet

  2. They look so great! Just made me smile! And where did you get these chevron beads? They are gorgeous :)

  3. I totally love them! They are so cute. :)

  4. They are great! Just be careful of the totem thing though...I spent many happy hours last summer with my kids painting stones to look like (cute) bugs and my family is still telling me that's the reason we saw a cricket the size of a dachshund one unforgettable evening...just sharing...yes, it was inside the house!!

  5. These are too cool! I never thought that snakes could make me so happy.

  6. These are the only snakes I've ever been able to look at and smile:-) Too cute!!

  7. This is by far the best use :) those rattles are adorable - would look super cute on a desk anywhere

  8. Love the genius!

  9. Oh gosh, I adore these! Especially that red bumpy bracelet - can he be on my wrist, like, yesterday? Too clever, Michelle!

  10. Those are so very cool! I'm thinking those would sell like hot cakes in the SW. (Just sayin.) 5 Gold medals are going for a record!

  11. My favorite one so far! Also, is it weird to say that I would like to crawl inside your head and see the world through your eyes for a day?

    ...Oh, that IS weird? OK. Sorry. Carry on, then...

  12. OMG! I've missed so much fun....this is the best of Mich LA 2014!!!

  13. Brilliant! You never cease to amaze!

  14. These are SUPER CUTE!! Great design. You're an upcycling genius.