Friday, February 28, 2014

My Winter Games, Round Four

Have you been following along with this experimental series so far?  I call it My Winter Games, in which I find ways to repurpose 247 of these ugly, wierd, non-recyclable packing clips for skis:

These doohickies were headed for the landfill, until I agreed to take them for my crafty plan.  (Click here to read about how I got them.)  Today debuts the 4th project in the series, and I am pretty delighted with it.

Hooks!  Hooks!  Who doesn't need hooks?  I cut apart the ski clips and drilled holes for screws.

I made four pretty hanger boards (one for scarves, three for necklaces), using these wrapped-canvas pictures from the Dollar Store:

After the scarf and necklace hangers, I used a Dollar Store cork board to fabricate this neat little hookified office station:

I thought I was done.  But then!  My husband was so impressed with my industrial-strength hooks, he made himself a giant pile of them!  Now they are attached all around his workshop, in a plethora of interesting uses.  I like this sideways one in particular:

Between us, husband and I used up 34 clips.  Thirty four, whoooohoo!!!  Definitely one of the the most useful ways to repurpose my doohickies.  In fact, if I have any left over at the end of the games, I will just make more hooks and save them for all my future hanging needs.

Total used so far: 96

Round Five will be quite different from anything else, a weird and wonderful bit of serendipity.  Thanks for coming along on the ride with me, everyone!  (Pretty soon I'll be asking for your suggestions for projects.  You guys and your fertile brains - I know we'll put together a brilliant list of ideas.)

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  1. super clever use better than those pesky stick on clips

  2. oh yeah! i can imagine all the uses for hooks around my home!! love it!!

  3. Oh this may be my favorite far! You are sweeping these Olympics girl!

  4. So much awesomeness and totally functional too. Hey, I'm eyeing your husbands supply of clamps.

  5. I look at these un-upcycled clips and think what the heck do they remotely resemble? And the answer I come up with is "nothing". And yet when I look at what you've created, I think, it's obvious that those are exactly right for that! You have such an amazing eye for seeing what something has inside it just bursting to come out!

  6. You win Gold! Wow! Great creations. I love it all and so many funky, cool necklaces hanging from your necklace hanger board.

  7. Waoo.. this one is my favorite one :) too good Mich.. you are awesome!!

  8. Ah! It just keeps getting better! I have to get some of these! :)

  9. Clever...I think I would have went one step farther and added a bead..where the screw head shows.

  10. Ha Ha! You know you've done well when your husband steals your idea!! :)