Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Winter Games, Round Eight.

Okay, I'm excited.  It's officially the last day of winter.  Spring is right around the bend!  So there's just one more project in My Winter Games 2014.

What's My Winter Games, you ask?  A series of crafty posts on repurposing a bunch of these unwanted, non-recyclable doohickies that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The whole point of the exercise was to think deeply and look hard at this one useless object.  To give it a second life instead of throwing it away.  I had fun and even surprised myself with the diversity of the projects.   Kinda makes me want to do it again with some other 'useless' things.

To date, I have made scrolled-leg planter bases, tray handles, purse handles, scarf and necklace hangers, bulletin board hooks, utility hooks, beaded snake totems, snake-head bracelets, decorative box handles and photo holders.  (Links to the projects below.)

Today I show off one final doohickie transformation.  Then I want to throw it open to everybody for some brainstorming.  Get your thinky caps ready, because at the end of this post I will ask for your ideas.

My cute final project:

Ring holders!  Aren't they clevah?

I love the silhouette, it reminds me of a minaret.  I also love that these are stable enough for even my biggest crazy cocktail rings.

As you might have guessed, that white body is a rubber furniture tip, like the ones I used in my photo holder project.

To make the minaret spire, I poked a hole in the chair tip and inserted a long headpin piled with beads.  (I'll do a tutorial for these soon, using something less obscure than my doohickies for the feet!)

I made four of these ring holders, using up four more doohickies.

Doohickies used so far: 124 (out of 247).

So now, on this last day of winter, 2014, I hereby declare that these Winter Games are over.  But there are still more than a hundred doohickies left.  So what's next?

People, I want more ideas!  After a bit, I'll revisit this project for a wrap-up and final doohickie count.  I'll show off a few more of my own projects (I have way too many ideas left, and not enough winter to fit them all in).  There might be some cool creations from fellow bloggers who have asked for doohickies to experiment on.  Plus some that I made using the best suggestions from YOU GUYS!

C'mon, my dearies, let's use them all up!  Leave your brilliant ideas in the comments.  What would you make, what can you imagine, what cool thing would you invent???


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p.s. If you are a blogger and want to make something to post, email me with your address and I'll send you a handful of doohickies.  Also, I have seven packages of doohickies to mail out to the first seven crafters who email me their address - just promise to use them up and not throw them out!  (Sorry, U.S. domestic addresses only.  These critters weigh a ton and overseas postage would break the bank.)    



  1. Once again you have achieved awesomeness! I want some doohickies! Do you still have my address?

  2. Count me in for some doohickies, please! Not sure what I'll make just yet, but I'll come up with something. :p

    I am SO IMPRESSED with this whole series of posts. Takes some serious creativity to come up with the number, variety, and quality of ideas you've had. Nicely done all around!

  3. The doohickie gold metal goes to you. Go on, get up there on the podium and enjoy your award, lol. I'd come up with something eventually and would have to get up in the middle of the night to execute it:-)

  4. Definitely the gold medal to you! My suggestion is to glue several of them together so they become plant stands!

  5. Handles for a soup mug, if your fingers can slide through them,

  6. I just saw your series today & am so excited & impressed! I am so inspired! Thanks