Monday, August 25, 2014

Beaded Cactus Pot

Today, a fun decor project - with freeform, funky wirework that anybody can do!  Take a look.

Here's the BEFORE: a beautiful cactus in a boring plastic pot.

Here's the AFTER: a beautiful cactus in a shimmery, dangly, swirly, spiky and sweet beaded pot!

 It's super simple to do, with minimal supplies.  Here's the DIY.

Cut some short and long pieces of craft wire.  Extra cute points if it's a fun color!  On one end of each piece, turn a little loop.

Slide a big bead onto each wire.

For the short beaded dangles, just bend the free end over.

For the long, squiggly beaded dangles, use pliers or your fingers to make irregular swoopy bends, like so:

Then finish up with a sharp bend at the end.

Make a bunch...don't even worry about making them all the same length or shape.  Freeform, bae!

Hang them on the plastic pot, staggering the lengths.

(Yes, that is a live cactus.  It's called Devil's Tongue, and it is one demonic little so-and-so.  Use care and/or wear gloves when hanging the dangles.)

All bedangled?  Lovely!

I like the way the dangles echo the colors and spiky sass of the cactus.  Might be fun to try this with different types of houseplants, matching the mood of the beads to the foliage?  And I will never look down my nose at a boring plastic pot again.


  1. this is super funky - like some futuristic floral arrangement, hats off Mich!!

  2. love the idea of "pairing" dangles with plant leaf shapes

  3. This is brilliant Mich! The beads look like they're part of the cactus creeping out of the pot!!! :)

  4. How lovely! Way to make a nasty devils tongue look even more interesting! I can see I'll be decorating my house plants this winter!

  5. I love this idea! Just yesterday I was pondering some type of dangle idea for my pots. And today you offer the idea with how to!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. The wire and beads you picked out match the cactus perfectly!

  7. I wish I were so clever and creative. I am too lazy to find beads to match my plants. With your pot danglers, I'd make tons of earrings, or attach them to a necklace. I'd paint the pot to match my plant with similar squiggles and colors. Did I mention I was LAZY?

  8. I almost, almost, thought those cute little beads were part of the cute little cactus!

  9. This is super cute, and the zig-zag kinda shape is looking so well..YaY