Monday, September 22, 2014

Vintage Fishing Tackle Earrings

I acquired an old box full of miscellaneous fishing tackle.   Today, on the principle that every girl needs the option of neon orange fish eggs in her wardrobe, I made these earrings.

In the sun, these pretties flash like minnows in a trout stream.

I plan to raid the rest of the box for more supplies.   So many cool things used for fishing tackle!  Like these mother-of-pearl teardrops:

The ends of these little connectors spin 360 degrees:

No clue what these do, but they're tiny and fabulous:

Love these extra big 2-hole reflectors:

If you spot any of this stuff in a future project, you'll know where it came from.

Next time you find a box of fishin' gear at a thrift shop or yard sale, think about jewelry potential.  (Cautionary note: often, tackle will include lead sinkers.  Be sure to discard them.)

So do tell - have you ever found something pretty in a tackle box?

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  1. I totally love them! I never knew that fishing stuff was so beautiful!

  2. such great finds, have fun with them

  3. I never even look at the "guy stuff" at yard sales or thrift shops. Leave it to you to show me what I'm missing! You made beautiful earrings from tackle box treasures. So clever! Now I have a need for those swivel things and I'm going to raid Sams fishing box and see if he has some. You never cease to amaze my dear!

  4. I love tackle designs and yours are awesome, Michelle :)

  5. OMG..lovely goodies in the box..why this kinda box is not around me?? why!!

  6. Hi Michelle!
    I've always found fishing tackles to be beautiful and often thought of turning it into jewelry. Glad you did too! These are gorgeous!

  7. What a find, so much fun and potential in just one little box. Love the earrings, just be careful not to wear them when you go fishing.

  8. I have always been fascinated with the beauty of lures and just couldn't understand why they threw them out to the FISH. FINALLY somebody has broken the thought barrier on these fantastic finds!! I'll be a bit more vigilant when it comes to old tackle boxes and the like found in thrift stores! I guess there's gold to be found in the fishes mouth after all!

  9. I love fishing stuff made into jewelry. Thank you for sharing with us, Michelle.

  10. I used to fish with my father when I was little and never used anything as pretty as that. Great find!

  11. You've lured us into making oh-so pretty jewelry out of fishing tackle. I've never tackled this myself because all I've found are dangerous hooks with beautiful lures. I'm hooked into finding fishing stuff. Do you think Wal-Mart has this ?