Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Check It Out, Bra! An Upcycled Underwire Pendant

Ooh, today I made this!  Out of all my jewelry conjured from freaky trash, it has jumped right up there to rank with my favorites.

See that beautiful big scroll between the necklace and the pendant?   It's the underwire from a broken bra.

Next time, don't just toss that worn out foundation garment.  Whether it be boulder holder or pebble perker, rescue those underwires and turn them it into something pretty.

Here's the DIY.

Remove the little plastic wire ends.  (Just tug, they come right off.)

To snap off the skinny metal tips, bend them back and forth a few times.

Grab one end of the underwire in round nose pliers.  Begin turning with all your might.

Keep going until you have a swirl.  Repeat for the other side.

Start a fold in the center with your fingers, like so:

Then push hard on the sides until the swirls crisscross.

Finish up with this one last move:

You made a pendant hanger!  Now use an extra-big jump ring.  Put it through the hole in your pendant, then close it  around the entire crisscross.  See what I mean?

Did you evah?  Would you evah?

I would and I did.



  1. Girl you are so awesome. I knew I was saving that bra for something.

  2. I nevah would have thought of this. I'm going to go through my foundation garments and deem one unworthy to wear and make a transcendent pendant. I just hope I am strong enough. I can only imagine my husband's face if I ask him for help. My grandmother collected bra straps. I have no idea why. Great upcyle!

  3. Nah...I could never because I could never stand an underwire! But I'm glad you did! Pebble perker.....never heard that one before!

  4. Oh, Mich. Don't ever change. Your projects make me so happy!

  5. Nothing is safe from you genius mind, nothing! This is one of my favorites too, and I'll never look at a bra the same way again. In fact, I had one of those wire things poking me half to death just recently, unfortunately it wasn't as lucky and didn't get a second chance.

  6. I hate underwires but you found a great use in them (other than the obvious) as flat wire - cool!!

  7. You so clever! :) This post made me smile and also LOL. xoxo

  8. very smart, you did great job dear :) I bet if I will be trying to give the wire a shape like this, I will never be doing this perfect..haha
    but great to see your beautiful pendant and necklace :)

  9. This is so smart - no one will have any idea where the wiring came from!!

  10. You nut! I have actually saved these a few times trying to think of things to use them for but leave it to you! Featuring you tonight.

  11. *stands up and applauds* This might just be my favorite post of all time on this blog! Coincidentally, I just had an Underwire Poking Out Incident with one of my bras over the weekend. So maybe instead of fixing it, I'll just give it a new life.