Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guess The Mystery Thing: Beaded Tiger Vase

Here's a different one!  Let's play a round of Guess The Mystery Thing with a home decor twist.  Take a look at the world's cutest little baby tiger vase:

And yes, he is a fully functional, water filled flower vase.

Now where on earth did that tiger originate?

Instead of waiting for another post to reveal the answer, I'll do a scrolldown.  Everybody mentally peeking until you think you know.  Ready?  Set?  Guess the Mystery Thing!

(Cartoon sound of musical ticking clock.)

Here comes the reveal, scroll on down and find it...






A kid's mini collapsible water bottle!  How sweet is this leetle tigre?  It also comes in Beagle, Owl and Monkey.  I have seen similar ones for grownups, but these small kid versions are so adorable they make me weep.

The key to using any collapsible bottle as a vase: when filled with water, it stands up on its own!  

Now the DIY, which is all about the beaded neck of the vase.

For me, the only ugly part of a water bottle is the threaded neck.  If it weren't for that, I'd decorate my whole house with every beverage container in sight!  So here is a clever disguise that will hide the threads and fancy up any bottle in your recycling bin.

String some beads on craft wire, to form a circle big enough to cover the bottleneck.

Twist the wire ends together and trim.

Another method: string your beads on elastic, tie a knot and trim.

Simple!  Now make several bead circles and drop them onto the bottle neck, stacked up like a fancy collar.

Woot!  You're done.

Sure looks better than those naked threads, eh?  I hope you give this beaded bottleneck a try, either with everyday thread-neck bottles, or the decorative collapsible ones.  Look for the collapsibles at dollar stores, toy stores, department stores and maybe even camping stores.  I found the tiger at a CVS pharmacy.

That's it for now, my dearies.  Thanks for coming by!


  1. Replies
    1. Ha, that was too quick, my friend! You are brilliant and absolutely the fact, I went back to edit the post into a scroll down, because after that speedy guess, the mystery was over. So glad you left a guess!

  2. Wow that is too cute.What store did you get this from?

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Found El Tigre in the dollar section of a CVS pharmacy!

    2. Sweet I will check there. These are so cute!

  3. very cute, you could also make a big(long?) memory wire bracelet instead of making several small ones

  4. It's such a cute idea for a water bottle, but I'm lovin' your vase idea even more.

  5. So cute! I've got one of those collapsible water bottles in the cupboard, but it's just a plain colour - shall have to hunt for cute ones now!!!

  6. I must confess....i didn't guess right! LOL! Love the way you cuted up the necks of those vases with some pretty beads girl! I should really get cracking on some of those jewelry supplies I have!

  7. I actually guessed it! Adorable!