Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jewelry Before And After: Leafy Linkers

Hi hi!  Here's another Before and After, this time with an interesting type of vintage bracelet from the 1930's.

Have you seen this style before?  It's all links that clip together with little built-in hooks.

The bracelet was beautiful (if a little bit granny), but one of the links was broken.  I arranged them in line for the 'before' pic, but the poor thing wasn't fixable.  So I took it all apart with a simple lift of the linker hooks.

I used four individual leaves to make a bold pair of earrings.

They're a bit strange, but I like 'em.  Instead of leaves, now they remind me of metal flames or claws.  From granny to rebel in one quick refashion!

A single 'claw' makes quite a beautiful pendant bail, too:

So next time you find a linker bracelet that's broken (or not exactly your style), consider taking it apart, why doncha?  See what you can do with the individual components.


  1. Everything looks amazing after your 'hand's...truly artist!

  2. Beautiful. A simple fix, but it looks better in my opinion.

  3. I love it. I need to check Goodwill for some vintage jewelry the next time I am there.

  4. Ooh, vintage! Love the colours and definitely edgy too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I was thinking talons! LOL! Genius to use one as a pendant bale! I like those leafy things and you made me like them even more! Fun stuff.

  6. Hello genius woman. Guess who I'm featuring again when my party opens up ?