Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ornamental Bead Sticks! Part One: A Broken Umbrella

I have a special love for what I shall, for lack of a better term, call 'Stuff On Sticks.'  Over the years I have stockpiled a bunch of favorite ways to put pretty beads onto long poky things, turning them into ornamental items of decor.  Today begins a series of tutorials on this exciting topic.

First up, a fun upcycle.  Beads on umbrella parts!

I simply adore the dainty ends of umbrella wires, with their ball finials and open loop!  If you have ever disassembled a broken brolly, you will know exactly what I mean.

Have you ever wanted to do something with the parts, but didn't know what?

I have a wonderfully SIMPLE way to turn these fabulous sticks into beaded wonders, perfect for bejeweling potted plants, adding to cut flower arrangements or displaying on their own.


Choose some nice beads with which to ornament your stick.  The bigger, the bolder, the better!

Thread 'em on.

Finish with a small bead with a hole that fits quite closely around the umbrella stick.  Like so:

Cut a right-angle triangle from aluminum duct tape.

Place it on the stick, just under the small bead...and start wrappin'.

Check out this neat finish!  It now appears an integral part of the umbrella stick:

Isn't that just the grooviest?!?  That's all there is to it.  Make a bunch, and add to potted plants, flower arrangements or foliage in a vase.

Display them in a multitude of ways around the house.

Maybe you like ribbons?  Add some ribbons!

Give them as gifts.  People LOVE getting these as gifts.  I know this from experience. a broken umbrella in your house?  Don't throw it out without harvesting the sticks.

(No broken umbrella?  Hint: buy a cheapo one at the Dollar Store and accidentally throw it under a bus.  That oughta do it.)

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Come back soon for Stuff On Sticks, Part Deux.

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  1. Love these! If you make them light enough and short enough and make sure the end's not pointy, they'd make great decorations to put into your hair bun!

  2. This is so smart and pretty and to think that I just threw away my broken umbrellas without a second thought! What a waste!

  3. And now I have to thrift some broken umbrellas! This is genius!

  4. Plant jewelry!! I love it!! I also know a lady who makes something similar and sells them as "cake testers"!

  5. I can see these as plant markers. Use small piece of aluminum cut from a soda can, emboss the piece or write on the label with sharpie, attach to top of these beautiful creations. Voila!

  6. Just did a search on pinterest "upcycle umbrella" for creative uses for the remaining parts of the umbrella. Use the fabric to make doggie raincoats, handbags, reusable shopping bags, rainhat/scarf.

  7. Wow! this is such a cool idea!

  8. ACK! I just threw three broken umbrellas out because I could not think of how to repurpose them. This is such a clever and creative idea.

  9. Great for a Rainy Day project.

  10. divinos!!
    Esta idea esta perfecta para la sombrilla con la que hice el forro para el morral, guarde las varillas porque sabia que un dia me iban a servir:-D
    eres siempre super recursiva!!!

  11. I love this idea! The few umbrellas I have hanging around will be perfect candidates for this. You clever girl.

  12. Ha, I love this new stuff on sticks theme. How different and fun! I've often thought of making stuff with broken umbrella parts but could never come up with anything good enough. I should have kept it simple like you've done, because this is a stroke of brilliance. :)

  13. What a terrific idea, Michelle! It's unlimited with what you can do with these. You're so clever!

  14. all these ideas..where do you get beads at a good price?

  15. I used this idea to make my little nieces "magic wands". The ribbons became quite important. All the tiny divas thank you. They are busy making magic... everywhere.