Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ornamental Bead Sticks! Part Six: Tassel Bookmarks From Zip Ties

Here's a new idea for you!  Part Six in my somewhat eclectic tutorial series, Stuff On Sticks.

Beaded tassel bookmarks...

Made from big, plain zip ties!

These thingies are fun, functional and cute!  Cheaper than cheap!  A five minute craft!  And best of all, no special tools or skills needed.  Gather scissors, a bead and some skinny string:

And let's begin.  Cut a few lengths of string, about 16 inches long.

Thread one string through the ziphole.

(ziphole, n.  The technical term I just made up, for the hole in the zip tie.  I feel I shall use it often.  "Hey, you on the cellphone!  Shut yer ziphole!")

If your string is too thick to pass through, poke something pointy into the ziphole.  Wiggle it around a bit to widen the opening.

How many times can I say the word ziphole in one post?  I'm going for the record!

Thread the ends through your bead, and spread the tails apart.

Lay the rest of the strings between the two tails, like so:

Tie the original tails together around the extra strings.

Gather all the strings in a bunch, and make an overhand knot, as close to the bead as possible.

Give a really good tug to each string individually, for the tightest, neatest knot.  Tug it like you mean it!

Give your tassel a trim to any desired length...


Try mixing fibers, for a multicolored tassel:

Fuctional Tip: use a lightweight bead.  I road-tested a version with a heavier bead, but it tended to fall forward out of my book when I opened it.  Acrylic or plastic beads are ideal: they can be big and interesting without adding weight.  A hollow metal bead also works well.


Just a few reasons I love these bookmarks:

So easy, so cheap.
Use up random orphan beads.
Make tons of them as little gifts or stocking stuffers.
Include one as a handmade addition to a gifted book.
A great tween craft.
Use a macho bead (like a skull, mebbe?) and voila, it's a guy gift.
Add your ideas below!

Okie dokie!  Shutting my ziphole and signing off.  Thanks for coming to hang out with me, you guys!

Final ziphole count: 6

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  1. Great idea. I count 7 'zipholes' counting the one in your final count! If you include this one, that's 8.

    Heather M.

  2. Okay...I'm making this!!! Thanks!

  3. Oh, they are looking so sweet and daring! I love the beads with the tassels! :)

  4. I have bunches of zip ties with zipholes hiding out in my garage somewhere. I like that word, kinda catchy just like your fabulous bookmarks.

  5. These are great!! Floppy bookmarks fall out of the books. These'll work!

  6. one could adapt this idea to swirl sticks too or use these zip ties as is for quick gift wrapping

  7. This is the prettiest idea I've ever seen for zip ties! Thanks a lot for the inspiration, I'm making this!!

  8. You are such a genius! I pinned this because I have zip ties and some cool beads (from some fabulous blogger ;). ) I can do this! How did you ever come up with zip ties as the base??

  9. I have to agree - this would be a great tween craft. BTW the Louisa May Alcott books are easily recognizable. ;)