Monday, October 7, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Shapely Woven Pendants

Today I reveal all.  (By all, I mean one tiny factoid, smaller than a single grain of quark upon the infinite sandpile of the universe.  So it's not a big deal or anything...ahem.  "All" may be overselling it.)

Let's start over.  Today I reveal the answer to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.  Yay!  My readers have been trying to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these cute necklaces:

What are those nifty hand-woven pendants?

I'll tell you in just a sec, okay?

First, here's Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses.

List Addict: Tea bags crafted in the Amazonian jungle by bored house-husbands!
Saraccino:  Miniature hummingbird houses... put them back on the tree!  Although it must look cute to be followed by hummingbirds when you wear these.
Amy: Corn husk doll teepees.
Sheri:  Made from Chinese finger traps, these necklaces, when worn by couples, will trap the wearers together for eternity.
Rae: Remnants of Dorothy's basket, which fell through the time-space continuum, carefully preserved and hand-colored, and cleverly shaped into pendants.
Sakura:  Toys that Thumbelina played with, tossing and kicking like a ball.
Jinglesmom: Baskets made by Smurfs?
Casey:  Well, of course, it's a picnic basket packed by a handsome-prince-in-a-frog-outfit to lure a pretty maiden to the forest and woo her with his mini macaroons and chocolate hearts!
Robynne:  Teeny tiny beehives, made by fairies!

Heeeee, I love the guesses this week!  Most excellent silliness indeed.

Shall we find out the real answer?

Ya know, I figured it would be easy for a certain, specific sub-demographic of my readership.  And completely mystifying to everyone else.  It appears I was right.  There was much mystification.  However - just my luck! - the very first person to enter a guess must belong to that particular demographic, because lo and behold, she got it exactly right.

The Mystery Thing is...


It's this.

Squawk!  "Foot toys" for parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels and macaws!

Foot toys?  Yes, you read that correctly.  These large domesticated boids are noble, intelligent creatures who require much stimulation - including a large and varied spectrum of toys.  Many of these toys are specifically designed to exercise and entertain their cute little feets.

I found them entertaining, too.

Winners, winners!  Congratulations to our very brilliant number one guesser:  Candice!  So, Candice, do you have a parrot, by any chance?  And our lovely runner up, chosen by Salsa Mom.  Woot to you both!  Keep an eye peeled for my email, and don't forget to look for it in your spam folder.

Thanks for playing, every one!  Come back next time for...for...well, I don't know yet.  Something cool, tho.


  1. OH...I was so sure I was right!! You got me usual!

  2. I don't have a parrot, but I just knew what it was. One of the random pieces of "knowledge" that was never of any benefit for me to know... until now! yay! :) I really gotta start checking out our nearby pet store for jewelry ideas.

  3. What a riot!! I didn't guess because I had no idea.

  4. I was close enough...


  5. I guessed the guesser!!! ;) Congratulations Candice

  6. Another clever idea for the pet department chapter in your book.

  7. What neat little toys! and they make even better pendants! Another great mystery Michelle! :)