Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiniest Glitter Bottle Ornaments

Well, this is ridiculously easy.  Teensy glitter-filled bottles, turned into mini ornaments?

That would be a yes indeedy.

I bought this nail-glitter set at the dollar store.

My husband says they look like crack vials, but pshaw!  Don't listen to him.   If you can't find them at your dollar store, try the nail art section of a beauty supply shop.

Simply pop them onto ornament hangers, and decorate the nearest tiny tree.

Optional: if you want permanence, glue the stoppers shut with clear silicone.  (But they work pretty well without it.)

Yay!  Wasn't that fun?

BTW, in case you have any doubts, I will be turning them into jewelry as well.

Saving that for a separate tutorial.  Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving weekend, everybody!


  1. Great minds in the same lines! I was going to do something just like this with my dollar store microbead bottles!

  2. Hey does dollar tree have a black Friday sale? Someone told me everything was 10 cents, wishful thinking, I know

  3. Fancy...I bet you could fill those bottles with all kinds of stuff. A little sand and a small shell. Beachy!

  4. They are so sweet! (and glittery...! is that a word...?)

    How about cutting an old cork as a topper? Think that would be going well with the tiny bottles and the glitter :)

    I don't know if I should be thankful or jealous that we don't have a similar dollar store around here.... I really don't know ^^

  5. Michelle you can come up with some of the most creative ideas. Very cute little bottle ornaments and when I initially saw them I thought they were earrings. The necklace looks awesome and I can't wait for the tutorial. BTW, on a more humorous note, is your husband in law enforcement? I hope that's how he knows what a crack vial looks like. LOL

  6. Same as Gail...I thought that you had made them into earrings...great you can even tie bits of fabric/ ribbon around the neck of the bottles and they'll make great pendant