Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Glitter Bottle Jewelry - So Easy, So Cute!

Here's another fun stocking stuffer idea: tiny bottle earrings, filled with glitter.  So simple and cheep-cheep!

The secret: a set of fingernail glitters, which I found at the dollar store.

Read on for the easy peasy DIY!

 Buy two sets, so you'll have matching color pairs.

Seal the stoppers shut with clear silicone glue.  Let dry overnight.

Tip: I tried super glue as well, and it gave a good hold.  But for some reason it fogged up the glass.  Stick with silicone, is my advice!

Open the loop on an earwire finding.  (Twist it sideways, don't pull it straight out.)

Slip your glitter bottle into the loop and twist closed.

If you have two ears, repeat for a second earring.  Voila.

What cuteness!

The same general idea can be fancied up in lots of ways.  Here's a cool dangly collar, which I made from a taken-apart vintage necklace. 

In the same way I opened and closed the loops on the earring findings, I simply opened and closed the ready-made loops on the beaded chain.   Easy!

And in case you missed my previous post, you can turn the bottles into the world's tiniest glitter bottle ornaments.

Hope you liked this simple idea!  If you're anything like me, at this time of year, simple is a watchword, a philosophy and a plan.

See you again soon for a new Mystery Thing challenge!      



  1. How totally fun and LOVE the necklace. You never ever ever cease to amaze me!

  2. my guess is that the super glue fogged up the bottles as the solvents in it
    evaporated as it dried
    cute earrings!

  3. I love simple and I love this idea. Hmm, now I'm thinking about what else I could put in those sweet tiny bottles.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. So so cute Michelle! Those bottles are so little and perfect for this. Great thinking!

  5. Love it! How do you come up with these things? One day you have to let me tag along with you to the dollar store...what treasures we could find!

  6. How Cute..I love everything glitter :) very nice idea..

  7. meh... stupid internet cut off when I was composing my original comment. For fear of being cut off again, let's just say I LOVE this and you are my glitter queen!!!

  8. Which dollar store did you find the bottles in?

    1. Hi, anonymous! I got these at 99 Cents Only. I hope you have good luck finding them! If you don't see them at a dollar store, try a beauty supply store in the nail art section.

  9. I actually found identical ones at Dollar Tree a couple of days after we last posted! Eight little bottles PLUS the glitter for $1 is a definite winner!

  10. Found these bottles at the Dollar Tree for yep $1.00. Same item selling on line for over $4.00. Thanks for the idea it is so clever.