Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Hidden Mirror Pendants

Big pendants!  Animal prints!  Hearts!  And here's the beauty part: the back of each one is a mirror (for checking to make sure your face is on straight).

I found these kitschy mirror compacts at Dollar Tree and I love them to bits.  There were other designs, too, but I could not resist the animal print hearts, come on!

A necklace with a secret mirror could be a great stocking stuffer-type gift for those hard-to-craft-for people.  You know, since it's not just jewelry, it's a practical item, too.  And please to notice, you can make two sweet gifts for the unbelievably low price of one dollar.

Want to try it?  Read on for the DIY.

First, split your compact by removing the hinge.  It's a teeny bit tricky, but you can do it!  I used wire cutters, but you could also use a cutting wheel on a Dremel-type tool.

I don't recommend trying to cut the pin inside the hinge - it's way too tough.  Just nip away at the hinge, taking small bites so as not to break something you don't want to break.

Once the hinge is snipped away, sand down the rough bits with an emery board, sandpaper or skinny metal file.

To make holes, you could use a tiny drill bit if you like that sort of thing.  I heated my trusty metal poker over a flame, and used it to melt holes in the plastic edges.

And voila!  Your pendant is all ready to be turned into a necklace.  You could string a simple cord, with a matching mini-tassel ornament:

Or you could make it fancier with beads, chain, ribbon, crystals or what-have-you.

And the peculiar charm of these, of course -

The secret mirrored backside.

(Hee.  That sounds like something in a very slightly naughty novel.  The Secret Mirrored Backside: Inside The Boudoir Of  Miss Lydia Bennett.)

Even if you can't find these particular heart compacts, just think of all the cute little compacts out there, waiting to be pendantified.  Keep your eyes peeled at thrift shops, dollar stores, beauty supply stores.  Maybe you even have an old compact somewhere in a drawer, gathering dust?

Happy hunting!


  1. You've done it again! I never would have though of this. It's a beautiful gift idea and I want one for myself And your owl ring on your thumb is marvelous.

  2. Love these wildly creative necklaces with their naughty novel name.

  3. Instead of trying hard with the cutter, just keep bending the lid back and forth (esp backwards) at the will come apart on it own. If the cover is plastic/acrylic just heat a knife or blade and cut away the excess. you wont even need to file it!!

  4. I've always thought that mirror compacts would make the cutest somethings, if only I could figure out what somethings they would be... But here you've done it. They're delightful as pendants, Michelle!

  5. How cute..very nice! and the owl ring you are wearing is also cool :)

  6. Why did I think of (Aunt) Peaches when I saw these? These are all kinds of awesome. I will have to check the beauty store near me and good ol' Dollar Tree to see what I can come up with. As always you continue to amaze me. And that owl ring is the bee's knees. I love owls!

  7. For those that like bling. I think these would be nice for people that like sparklies and teenagers/tweens....