Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: The Transparent Faceted Rectangle.

Today, after days of speculation amongst my readers, I shall reveal the answer to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.  To catch you up: the object was to identify the clear faceted thingamabobble at the center of these upcycled necklaces:


Think you know?  Did anyone guess?  Read on, my friends...

Before the reveal, Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Imadorable: A coffin for the mini-Invisible Man.

Lisbonlioness:'s really quite obvious, but since I was lucky enough to win one of your recent challenges, I won't spoil it for everybody else. It's not like I was totally lost, stumped, without a clue or completely in the dark or anything...*sneaks away to hide somewhere*
Maple Girl: The special block in the glass mountain that allowed the prince to go after his princess.
Beth: Barbie's doorbell.
Periwinkle Dzyns: Definitely, the tears of my high school English teacher, she was so square she cried in rectangles.
Heather M: A lucite belt buckle for small disco dancers?
Carol: Chunks of unmeltable ice from Mars.
Dena: The Invisible Man's dominoes.
Heather: Teeny-tiny longterm cold storage for interstellar space travelers. You know, like from the Alien movies, but for really, really small cosmonauts.
Amy: Barbie's lucite camera?
Lora: Wonder Woman's invisible camera! 
Shannon: Snowman buttons. They are using these instead of coal this season.
Rae: Prototype for glass bottom shoes (like glass bottom boats) so you can see what you're stepping on.
Michele: Clear floatation devices for Liliputians to make their get-away after Gulliver broke all the tiny ropes holding him down. Bet you thought I wouldn't figure it out!
The Boy: Tiny polished windows.

Seriously, peeps - those were some of the best ones evah.

Ready to see the answer?  It's going to make you say aha!  Because once again, no one came even a little bit close.  And I thought this would be an easy one!  Just shows you what I know.




The lids from little hotel shampoo bottles.

You can find this style of bottle in various incarnations, often containing cheap perfume...not that I would know anything about that. 

The DIY: with a sharp poky thing, I popped the plastic stopper out of the lid.  Then, using the same sharp poky thing heated over a flame, I melted three holes for stringing, plus another hole right in the center of the bullseye (for the bead accent).

I created the Japa Mala style necklaces using this tutorial.

Winners, winners!  Since there were no correct guesses, has chosen two lucky ducklings to get necklaces this week.  They are: Rae and Anonymous (CraftyCasey).  Congrats, you two!  Be sure to look for my email, coming soon.

Thanks a zillion for playing, you guys!  That was a super fun one!


  1. Beautiful..and I like it so much..the chocolate colored beads are so fancy :) Love it

  2. Okay... I would never have any thought crawled into that part of my brain to think of that! Way off, beside looking cool, it really made me laugh today. Thanks!

    But I am curious how you will be able to top yourself the next time ;)



  3. I wow I have never seen that type of shampoo bottle before! Never would have guessed it.

  4. You must be staying in five star hotels to get schmancy shampoo bottles like that. another fab job!!

  5. What a great job. To win it appears I have to go to fancy hotels, frequent feed stores, comb horses, visit hardware and tile stores, toddle into toy stores, plant myself in plant food stores, visit my gynecologist, buy new dryer balls, dig up some plastic grapes, find some factory noise earplugs, reline my shelves with shelf paper, whet my whistle with a swizzle stick or pacify myself with a pacifier. Your imagination is endless. I will never catch up..though it's so much fun to play.

  6. Oh I really thought this..but was thinking more on the lines of a perfume bottle cap and thought that maybe you wouldnt use it...too bad

  7. you did it again, used something that even I didint' think was possible to make into jewellery - well done!

  8. Well, I would never have guessed. I thought the holes were original to the item, but now see that next time, I'll have to think harder.

    Heather M.

  9. Well aren't those the cutest little shampoo bottles. And I like the necklaces too.

  10. I agree with Jessica, those little bottles are thrifty-nifty. And you continue with your magic!

  11. I love your creation... everytime...never fail to surprise me and make me want to 'craft' again!

  12. I have a perfume bottle lid like this....I will make this one soon.