Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sculpt Your Own Foliage!

Today, something small yet sooo useful.  Just look at these happy little leaves....

They are sleek and curvy and look almost real.  And I made them with a simple repurposing of these spiky faux holly sprays.

Read on for the thrilling, radical, soul-searing DIY!  (I know, I know, it's just some leaves.  But this is the sort of thing that revs me up.)

Maybe you remember how I made starburst jewelry from the berries?

That was so fun, I strip-mined all the berries and made a whole bunch more.  Which left me with approximately one gajillion plastic holly leaves.

Nice as they are - beautifully molded, photorealistic and very sturdy - I know I won't really use them.  Maybe an occasional Christmas project, I dunno.  No.  I really don't need one gajillion plastic holly leaves.

But a couple of snippety-snips later...

These darlings I will use.

Oh, yes, I will.  All the time!

I sense you are skeptical.   Wanna see?

For jewelry -

(Click here for the bracelet tutorial!)


Even home decor.

So next time you go thrifting, keep your eyes peeled for some plastic holly.  Or really, any bargain-priced foliage!  (Dollar store, anyone?)  Call upon your inner Edward Scissorhands, and create exactly the leaf your project needs.

Note: you can do this with silk flora, too!  Look how these ivy leaves become delicately tropical, with just a little sculpting:

Hope you liked this idea!  Now make like a tree, why doncha?


  1. Love the jewelry, especially the bracelet. Is the bracelet elastic or does it have a clasp?

    1. Hiya, Amy! I made mine with memory wire, but elastic would work great, too. I thought it would be best without a clasp - it might be hard to find in the underbrush.

  2. I will never look at dusty plastic leaves the same way again. You've just caused the price of cheapo yard sale floral arrangements to skyrocket.

  3. Well that's really clever! I could think of a ton of ideas for this!

  4. Great reuse!! When seeing your post about the berries, I actually wondered what would happen to the leaves. Knew you wouldn't dissappoint. :) BTW, when looking at the uncut leaves in pic #4, I see potential tiny bat wings. Guess I've got Halloween on the brain already. :D

    Keep up the awesome cleaverness!


  5. All the things you made out of the plastic leaves look really great! I also especially love the look of the bracelet, it is a surprising one! :)

  6. LOve all of them...I always love green and now this really widen up my mind on green stuff that don't have the shape I prefer! Thanks did it again!

  7. Well Well Welllllll Doneeeeeee...I just Love your ideas, the necklace seems too good, in fact super smart. and the accessory bag is looking so good..Love the post dear Mich..!!

  8. Your idea of cutting the leaves is very clever. It opens up so many possibilities. Love it!

  9. First off, you're hilarious.

    Second off, the foliar line of jewelry is JUST FABULOUS. I love the bracelet and both necklaces. And I don't even wear jewelry!!!!!!!

  10. I love the brazalet. Is very originale.

  11. Holy guacamole! You clever thing you :) That is genius. I was commenting not that long ago about how I wish I could find wax leaves. Now I know to make my own!

  12. Here's me- tales from the crypt :) I am totally in lurve with that necklace sporting the turquoise beads. Not that all the other options weren't WHOW, but that particular piece is so stunning I reckon it deserves a helluvalot more publicity. Like, BIG publicity. I'm thinking Milan, Rio, Tokyo, NY, Berlin, the whole package. Mich, seriously, that necklace is ... is... SO YOU!!!

  13. I have no idea how you come up with such wild ideas! Ren Fest costume, here I come!