Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cascading Circles Earring Tutorial

Hi!  I have been away, but here's a quick update, by popular demand.  A detailed tutorial for these cute cascading earrings:

Made from some dollar store vinyl folders.

Ready to make some?  Read on for the complete DIY.

Cut a circle, then poke a little hole near the top.  Add a jump ring to the hole.  Like so:

Next, add an earring finding.

Notice I used an extra jump ring in between, so the plane of the earrings would face front.  If you want the streamlined profile look of side-cascading earrings, eliminate that extra ring.

Now grab another circle and decide where you want them to overlap.  Poke a hole through BOTH layers.

Put a bead on a headpin, and thread it through the overlapping circles.  Then snip the headpin off short.

Use round nose pliers to turn a teeeeeeny loop against the back of the earring.

Optional: using the same method, add another bead-on-a-headpin to the bottom circle.  (The bottom bead is just decorative, it doesn't hold anything together.)  Here's how the back will look:

Annnnd...earrings done!  Double cascade:

Triple cascade:


Make this design using any two-dimensional medium you can think of.  How about circles cut from greeting cards?  Or scrapbook paper?  Vintage photos!  If you use something thin or too floppy, reinforce it with a layer of cardstock or Mod Podge to stiffen.

Design alternative.  Perhaps the cascades are looking crazy big to you.  Admittedly, these babies are very mod and bold in this generous size.  But don't dismiss or diss!  If you cut your circles smaller, this swinging overlap design creates a delicate line that even the timid jewelry lover can enjoy.

Okay, you guys, that's it for today.  I've been working on a big big bunch of ideas, more coming soon.  Thanks for sticking with me, my dearies!


  1. Thanks dear for the detailed tutorial..I just Love beautiful :) as you know I am making earrings these days, so Its always nice to catch some different ideas..
    Cant wait to see whats coming up next :) big big bunch of ideas..hmmmmm...waiting :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog :)I had to look into yours aswell - and I will be back!!! Lots of things here that needs a better look into!!!

  3. Fabuloso once again. So happy to have you back:-)

  4. Another great little tute Michelle! Can't wait to see all your new big ideas too!

  5. So cool. I've been looking for vinyl folders to make these. Thank you!

  6. super can even use brads to hols the circles dont even need jewelry tools like pliers for that

  7. Lovely idea and I bet they are super light to wear.


  8. Great project, I'm thinking these might work for some Mod Succah decor! thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling sunday!

  9. I'm amazed by your creativity, and you've made it look so simple!!! :-)