Friday, July 20, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: The Starburst Busted!

Hi hi!  Today I am going to reveal the answer to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge!  If you're just joining us, my readers have been trying to identify the mysterious, coral-colored starburst in these upcycled jewels:

Think you know the answer?  Did anybody get it right?  Read on, my friend, read on...

First, here is Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Ashley: OMG! You found candy land! A magical place where it rains peppermint snowflakes!
Betsy: Antlers from Blitzen's offspring.
Amy: A comb for porcupines.
Lisbonlioness: Is Legoland missing a coral reef right now?
Dena: Really, really defective forks.
Terri: Antennae from tiny space peeps.
Lola: Mid-century Modern light fixtures for fairies.  Or the display rack where Rudolph buys his nasal replacements.
Day: I know gnomes tear up your garden, but emasculating them seems a little extreme...

Snert!  As always, you people are a delight!  If only the world could be as you guys imagine it, right?

Okie dokie.

Time for the reveal.

Who's ready?


Holly berries from a vintage Christmas holly spray.  Who knew you could get such a cute jewelry component from that?

How did I create the starburst effect from the berry clusters?  Easy, my dears.  All you gotta do: flip the cluster inside out!

Isn't it the prettiest?  I am in love with this little starburst.  I'll do a little tutorial soon - I came up with something really neato for those spiky holly leaves, too.

Winners winners!  A whole bunch of people were close, mentioning plastic flower stamens and berries.  The very first person to say "holly berries" gets the gold, and that is Dena!  Yay, Dena!  And my winner:  Lisa W!  Congrats, you two!  Please check your email, I will be writing to you soon.

A little extra note: sometimes I never hear back from a winner, even after several emails.  Winners, please to check email spam folders - I can't send you your prize if I don't have your mailing address, now, can I?  (I have been working hard to add ESP to my list of special powers, but so far I can only read my dog's mind.  Interesting stuff in there!  Most of it involves roast beast.)

Thanks again for playing, everybody!  Love this game.


  1. Very cute!!

    Now I have the song "The Holly and the Ivy" running through my head. :)

  2. That is just about my favourite mystery jewelry component to date. It's quite glorious and reminds me of a gorgeous palm-sized supernova!

  3. Christmas, holly berries, least I was on the right wave length:-)
    Very clever Michelle!!

  4. wohoooo..I guessed almost right this time..yay...thanks Mich for sharing the beauty with us :)

  5. Yay me! I will wear it with such pride too, you're pretty darn amazing! =)

  6. woot! Now that I do I can't wait for xmas, so I can buy loads of holly. Fantastic!

  7. Christmas in July! Lots of people are doing that right now...and it is right around the corner. I was still thinking about what it was, and here you go revealing the answer. LOVE the candyland response. Beautiful jewelry and now i know where I last saw some of these - LAST CHRISTMAS!!! :)

  8. Great idea as always I knew they had something to do with fake plants lol

  9. I was sure that it was something you found at a feed store, well maybe it was LOL. Beautiful jewelry and something I think even I can make.

  10. Wow, I love the little red things! They look so organic / futuristic / alien with your pendants, really cool! I would never have guessed it!

  11. I never would have guessed that. What an amazing eye you have to see the potential for such a cute cute cute design