Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guess the Mystery Thing: Exclamation Points!!!!!!!

Oh, yay, time for a new game of Guess the Mystery Thing!  The challenge is simple: if you are the first smartypants to guess the secret of this upcycled necklace, you win one!  Ready?  Let's play.
Look - exclamation points!!!!

The 'dots' are crystal drops from an antique chandelier.  But what are those odd exclamatory oblongs on top?  They are something very specific.  Hmmm...

I'm fairly sure someone will guess this.  I am already preparing to be schooled.  Spanked.  Humiliated.  Trounced.  *sigh.*  You guys are just too good.

How it works: leave your guess in the comments.  There will be two winners: first correct guess, and a random winner.  That's right, I said random winner - so even if you don't know (or think someone else already got it), enter anyway, you could still win.  And if your guess is funny, it might make my Most Creative Honor Roll.

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.  C'mon and join in!  There is only one rule.


1. UNLESS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS ONE CLICK AWAY IN AN ONLINE PROFILE, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR GUESS.  (Fun fact: if you only THINK your email is visible in your profile, it probably isn't.  Go in there and make sure, okay?  Nothing's sadder than a winner disqualified for no contact info!)

Okay, here goes.  On your marks...get set...GUESS THE MYSTERY THING!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Upcycled Bird Necklace Tutorial.

Due to massive, overwhelming popular demand (okay, three emails), here's a tutorial for my "Put a Bird On It" upcycled necklace!  Remember?  The one made from the plastic tube inside a roll of dog poop bags?

Ahem.  It's way prettier than it sounds.

Ready to DIY?  Here goes!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Here's the Scoop!

For a few days now, my readers and I have been playing a round of Guess the Mystery Thing.  Everyone has been trying to identify the secret ingredient in these fun little upcycled necklaces:

What is that black tubular object?  And did anyone get it right?  Read on to find out...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guess the Mystery Thing: I Put A Bird On It.

Yay!  Another Guess The Mystery Thing game!  It's fun to play and everyone is invited.  Just take a peek at my new upcycled necklace:

Be first to identify the Mystery Thing - in this case, that black tubular object - and you win the necklace!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not Your Average Scrabble Jewelry...

Sure, we've all seen necklaces made from Scrabble tiles.   Sometimes initials with the letter tiles, sometimes art decoupaged onto the backs of them.  But today I have something different to show.  These:

Made from these:

Interesting, no?  If you can get crafty your little hands on some old wooden Scrabble trays and would like to DIY, here's what I did...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: One From The Toy Cupboard.

So - did you guess it?  Time to reveal the solution to my latest Guess the Mystery Thing game.  The challenge: identify the oddly shaped bits featured in these upcycled necklaces:

Before the reveal, please enjoy the imaginations of a few of my weirdest readers. Here is Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Jessi: Hobbit door stops.
Mary: dollhouse bookends.
Meijo's JOY: 'Yin and Yang Kissing Wood Pieces,' to balance your Zen and Qi during crafting. 
Ashleigh: doll furniture legs.
bluelunar: teeny tiny shelf brackets.
Amy: wooden puppet feet.
JHill: dollhouse crown molding.
Dena: cornices from Barbie Ikea.
June: mini version of a piece in the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens.
PeriwinkleDzyns: obviously, shoe inserts for Leprechauns' little green felt booties - they slide these in at night to help retain the shape.  Because Leprechauns spend all day guarding gold at the end of the rainbow, and where there is a rainbow there is rain.  And as we all know, felt has to be blocked after it gets wet, from the rain, by the rainbow, yup.

I'm afraid.  I'm very afraid.

And now - shall we find out?  Here goes...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess the Mystery Thing: Variations On A Funny Shape.

Who is ready for a new game of GUESS THE MYSTERY THING?  (Me!  Me!)  It's really fun and anyone can play.  Just take a gander at my new upcycled jewelry project:

Can you identify what I used to make the focal piece?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Make Jewelry From Vampire Teeth! First, Stake A Vampire...

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.  I slay me.

So here's my new upcycled jewelry project: curvy red jewels, derived from dollar store Halloween teeth.

Want to DIY?  Here, I wrote up a silly, easy tutorial, just for you!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed; My Spirit Crushed.

Oh, foofers!  I can't believe someone guessed my latest Mystery Thing!  If you missed the post, here's a peek:

And I thought it was tres mysterious!  Apparently, not so much.  I was crushed by an avalanche of correct guesses.  Waaah!  Sniff.

Before I reveal the winners (and the answer), let's salute the comedians.  Here are my HONORABLE MENTIONS FOR THE VERY BEST (TOTALLY WRONG) GUESSES:

Anne P: a belt buckle made from red licorice.
Periwinkle Dzyns: a toilet training seat for My Little Pony.
Ashley: molds of the footprints of the reclusive Ponybear.
Amber: tiny fairy sleds.
Keely: accessories for Mrs. Potato Head.
Anon: a Santa magnet, backwards and painted red.


Ready for the reveal?  Here goes...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guess the Mystery Thing: Cute, Red and Filigreed.

Okay, campers!  Let's play a new round of GUESS THE MYSTERY THING!  Anyone can play - it's super quick and simple.  All you do is take a look at my latest upcycled jewelry project:

Now here's the game: the first person to identify those mysterious red curvy bits wins one of the jewels.

What say ye?  Any ideas?  I think this is a really tricky one.  (Famous last words...)

Hint: it's an upcycled holiday item.

How it works: Leave your guess in the comments.  There will be two winners: first correct guess and one random guess.  That's right, a random winner!  So even if you're stumped, guess anyway - you could still win.

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.  (You don't even have to be a follower of the blog, although I would lurve it if you were.) 

The one and only rule: 

1.  If your email isn't available in one click from an online profile, please, please, please include your email address with your guess.

Easy, right?  Thinking caps on.  Ready?  Set!  Guess the Mystery Thing!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: An Old World Solution.

Well, that sure was fun!  For the past few days, my readers and I have been playing a new game of GUESS THE MYSTERY THING.  A whole buncha people tried to I.D. the mysterious silvery base of my latest upcycled jewelry project:

What do you think?  I did give one tiny hint: that the Mystery Thing was something a little bit Old World.  And I ventured to predict that the winner would be one of my European readers.

Before we find out if anyone got it, I salute the brilliance of all you fabulous weirdos, who entertain me every time with your ridiculous ideas.  Here are this week's HONORABLE MENTIONS FOR THE VERY BEST (TOTALLY WRONG) GUESSES:

Jessi: Robocop's contact lens.
Lorraine: Jingle from a tambourine.  (Great guess!)
Meijo's JOY: A mermaid's sea shell powder compact.
JesusChique: Mermaid bra cups.
Keely: Pasties for a robot stripper.
Amy: Satellite dish on a dollhouse.
Anne P: Frisbee for a Madame Alexander doll.
Alex Smith: Foiled jellyfish.
Periwinkle Dzyns: Jock cups for leprechauns.
Smree: Some of the Tin Man's spare parts.  (Let's not ask which.)
Rengawk: There's my foil hat!

Snort giggle.

Okay, are you ready?  Let's find out the answer...