Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: One From The Toy Cupboard.

So - did you guess it?  Time to reveal the solution to my latest Guess the Mystery Thing game.  The challenge: identify the oddly shaped bits featured in these upcycled necklaces:

Before the reveal, please enjoy the imaginations of a few of my weirdest readers. Here is Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Jessi: Hobbit door stops.
Mary: dollhouse bookends.
Meijo's JOY: 'Yin and Yang Kissing Wood Pieces,' to balance your Zen and Qi during crafting. 
Ashleigh: doll furniture legs.
bluelunar: teeny tiny shelf brackets.
Amy: wooden puppet feet.
JHill: dollhouse crown molding.
Dena: cornices from Barbie Ikea.
June: mini version of a piece in the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens.
PeriwinkleDzyns: obviously, shoe inserts for Leprechauns' little green felt booties - they slide these in at night to help retain the shape.  Because Leprechauns spend all day guarding gold at the end of the rainbow, and where there is a rainbow there is rain.  And as we all know, felt has to be blocked after it gets wet, from the rain, by the rainbow, yup.

I'm afraid.  I'm very afraid.

And now - shall we find out?  Here goes...

Wooden Scrabble trays!  Sliced, drilled and assembled into this interesting Yin/Yang configuration.

Nifty, eh?  Scrabble looms large in my life, and I wanted to make a Scrabble jewel that did not use letter tiles.  (Because that'd be too easy.)

Winners, we have winners!  First correct guess: Welmoed.  Nice work, Welmoed!  And my random winner: Ashleigh!  Congrats to you both; please keep an eagle eye out for an email from moi.

Thanks for playing, everybody!  (I know I say this a lot, but I can't emphasize it enough - how much I love that you guys join in and guess and make me laugh.  Your enthusiasm is a highlight of my week.)

See ya next time, when I'll post a mini tutorial for these Scrabblicious necklaces.


  1. Never woulda thunk it! I'm absolutely laughing over Hobbit door stops and Barbie Ikea!

    you are rocking Mich *(*

  3. I am finding that making up wrong guesses is most of the fun for me ;p

  4. shoulda known! lots a people were guessing this and I just had to be different!

    well i'm just glad i could enjoy the beauty you made with the scrabble holder thingies! my only question is how are you going to play Scrabble sans the holder thingies now? or did the holders belong to your neighbours and you just borrowed them and cut the ends off and then returned them and no one is the wiser? is that what you did Michelle? it's okay. you can tell me.

  5. Great idea! Never ever would have guessed.

  6. I can't get over the leprechaun shoe inserts. Best guess ever!