Friday, October 14, 2011

Not Your Average Scrabble Jewelry...

Sure, we've all seen necklaces made from Scrabble tiles.   Sometimes initials with the letter tiles, sometimes art decoupaged onto the backs of them.  But today I have something different to show.  These:

Made from these:

Interesting, no?  If you can get crafty your little hands on some old wooden Scrabble trays and would like to DIY, here's what I did...


Drill two holes.

If you are feeling it, sand the rough edges.

(As you will see presently, I skipped this step for the tutorial closeups - ahem, blush.  To me, sanding is like ironing clothes.  It's tewtally optional.)

If you want a fancy doodled version, draw stuff with a sharpie:

Now to assemble!  I did it two ways.  The two-headpin method:

The single-piece-of-craft-wire method:

With either method, once you have the two pieces butted together in a rectangle, trim the wire ends short and fold down sideways.

Use roundnose pliers to turn little loops:

And voila - you will have a basic pendant that looks like one of these:

That's pretty much it!  Find something from which to hang them - chain, cord, or neckwire - and the embellishments and configurations are yours for the styling!

Thsat ti - hpoe yuo hda ufn!  I adh lost fo fnu!

Alter, Lalitagors!


  1. You are just to clever. I'm sure that my drilling skills would have split those pieces before I got to the other side. Fantastic job. I love the little scribbles on the scrabbles...that was bad.

  2. Of course that's what they are! Silly me! Obvious now that you've pointed it out!!!

    Only you could come up with these things Mich! You're brilliant!! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Okay... you put the level even higher! Now it is not only to look out for weird things to turn into jewelery... but even to get 3 dimensional stuff into pieces in the own head and THEN turn it into jewelery! I love the pendants :)

  4. Wow you never cease to amaze me I have about 12 of these thank u for the inspiration!!!

  5. Hey, I was surfing the blogospere and stumbled on your sight. Love you stuff, very creative and pretty. Enjoyed the visit.

  6. Very nice! Clever! really smart.
    Thanks for sharing! Amazing how we come up with these ideas.

    Peace and Blessings,

  7. Beautiful. Very inspiring. I've been considering buying a Dremel and you have JUST made up my mind. I NEED one now, not just want one. LOL! :)

  8. Just featured this as part of my BFF Open House Wrap Up! Feel free to grab a featured button if you like!

  9. I always like to see how you construct your beauties. And I agree, sanding is absolutely an option... It's nice to know it's not only me, hee hee!

  10. I would never have thought to cut those up! I love that they look like little shelf brackets too.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday another truly inspiring project!

  12. You are brilliant. I was just working with Scrabble tiles yesterday and now I have a good use for the trays. Hoorah!