Friday, October 7, 2011

Make Jewelry From Vampire Teeth! First, Stake A Vampire...

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.  I slay me.

So here's my new upcycled jewelry project: curvy red jewels, derived from dollar store Halloween teeth.

Want to DIY?  Here, I wrote up a silly, easy tutorial, just for you!

First, snip a set of teeth in half.  Defang with a pair of scissors.  Then  poke a small hole in each end.

For a pendant, you'll need two headpins and two filigree shapes:

(Find filigrees at any craft or bead store.  OR rummage your jewelry box - perhaps you have an old pair of earrings you can take apart!)

Assemble a sandwich, with the headpins going through both filigrees and the vampire teeth, like so:

With a wire snipper, trim your headpins to approx. 1/2 inch.  Then use round-nose pliers to make plain loops with the wire ends, to hold the sandwich together.

And that's it!  Add a jump ring and a chain, and voila necklace!  You can choose either side to showcase, for two different looks.

It makes a surprisingly cute shape, don't you think?  Who'da thunk?

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial - I had fun, and that's the tooth.  See you guys next time - and fangs so much for stopping by!


  1. Oh Michelle - we need to harness your creativity! You should work for NASA in a think tank somewhere.
    Where do you get these ideas! (I have some white ones... maybe I'll make a pair myself.

  2. waoo, another interesting are kinda mysterious, genius, awesome lady!!
    keep Rocking dear :)

  3. If you posted those teeth as a "mystery item" not one person on this earth would have guessed. You are amazing!!

  4. hun, you are absolutely creativity. Brilliant work...

  5. Hi there.. I LOVE this.. So creative.. I would LOVE for you to enter it into my "Upcycle" contest happening right now.. Some fun prizes.. The link to is is here.. TY so much..
    **officially following you**

  6. I wish I could live in your brain for a week. OMG . This is so genius. Never ever would have thunk it.

  7. WAOH !!!!!This leaves me speechless ... !

  8. Eeee! Seriously love!! I will definitely be linking! :)

  9. Okay. I'm learning stuff. I'm going to have to try my hand at using headpins one day. I gotta write that down for my next trip to the craft store.

    It's crazy how pretty you make fake teeth look. FAKE TEETH I tell you!!!

  10. amazing, truly......i think these would make great ornaments too, I just used some huge earings as decorations in my Succah and they look great! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  11. Hi,
    Love these!! Someone said they would like to live in your brain for a week - could be too scary!!! :-) Take it from someone who is idea-challenged but not the-doing-challenged! You are phenomenal!
    Please excuse this question as I've been developing MMs (Menopause Moments) for the past several years so the brain doesn't work the way it used to. So here goes! You gave the tutorial for the pendant and it makes sense to me buuuuuut....when you closed off the sandwich with two loops from the headpins what did you do with the loops? just folded them down flat?
    You show how they can be worn either way up but neither look shows the two loops. Also for the earrings, are the supplies needed the same?
    Yep, the answers are probably staring me in the face but I can't find them! MMs are a pain!
    Thanks again for your great blog and all the projects!

  12. I'd like to see the concave side filled with embedments in resin . . . I know you could figure out how to seal off the holes in the defanged fangs.