Saturday, December 4, 2010

For absolute beginners. A fab gift idea!

You know how to make an earring, don't you, Steve?  You just put your lips together and...wait, that's not it.

To make a simple earring:

(Click on the picture to see it bigger.)

1. Put beads on a headpin.  2. Bend the headpin over.  3. Snip off any extra, leaving 1/2 inch.  4. Make a loop with round-nose pliers.  5. Open the loop sideways.  6.  Attach an earring finding.  7. Bend the loop back sideways again to close.  8. If you have two ears, repeat steps 1 thru 7.

Okay!  So here's my idea for a cool gift, for any gal who has never made a piece of jewelry before.

Put together a little Design-Your-Own-Earrings kit!  Mine includes 6 headpins, 6 earwires, a small selection of cute beads, inexpensive pliers and a wire snipper.  Add hand-written instructions, wrap nicely, and I am willing to bet you will make a hit.

I keep an eye out for inexpensive tools at dollar stores and hardware stores.  I found those adorable mini tools at Michael's craft store, and used a discount coupon, so it cost $3.25 for both.  Beads and findings: craft stores or bead shops.  You can buy budget-minded bulk packages and have enough for a whole kaboodle of earring kits.  (The whole kit could run you as little as five or six bucks, depending on how swanky you go on the beads.)

Tailor the kit to the giftee.  A few ways you might customize:

*No pierced ears?  Include clip-on earring findings.
*Favorite colors or birthstones.
*Beads from a sentimental family necklace, take it apart and give earring kits to sisters
*Animal or flower beads for tweens.
*Edgier beads for teens.

You know the old saying.  Give a gal a pair of earrings, she'll wear them for a day.  (Okay, probably more than one day, but I'm preaching here!  Just go with the flow.)  Teach a gal to make her own earrings - she'll bling bling for the rest of her life!

Feel free to use my instruction sheet, but you can probably do a better one.  Question: why did I draw a little old lady with a bun?  Answer: I suck at drawing, and that's just how she came out.  Case in point: a while back, I had the following conversation with my little nephew.

Me: Look, Eli, I drew you a picture!  See what it says?  It says "D."  Do you know what D stands for?  D is for...come on, honey, I know you know this one.  D is for...
Eli:  (disillusioned eye-roll) Alligator.
Me: But it...oh.  Dang it!  You're right.

Dang it!  That is totally an alligator.  I was going for dragon.  My nephews are very long-suffering, but they love me anyway.

Okay, that's today's idea, hope you liked it.

Later, alligator!


  1. yes yes yes we like it...its really nice sweet nephew you have...lovely

  2. D IS FOR ALLIGATOR! Of course it is! It is also for DARN COOL EARRINGS!
    Thanks for the reminder on how fun and easy they can be. I need to check them out again...I feel a trip to Michale's coming on!

  3. I was going to say dog myself... But it definitely looks like an alligator I MEAN DRAGON!

    That kit is an inspired gift idea, Michelle. I love the handwritten instructions and hand drawn sketch too, so pretty and personalized! It also says: "YOU CAN DO IT!" which is the kind of encouragement I need when it comes to jewelry-making. Beautiful.

  4. love your drawn instructions. And it's a dizard, not a dalligator. D'uh!
    Wish I'd had those instructions when I started making bling!

  5. Love the earrings & the tutorial. If you have two ears repeat! lol I would love for you to stop by Wiccan Make Some Too's Wickedly Crafty Saturdays & share this

  6. Hi Michelle! GREAT idea! I have a couple of girlfriends that I think would enjoy this and could probably pull it off. My daughter, Maisie, loved this to give to her 16 year old friends. She is going thru my beads right now!!
    (ALSO, I love your humor! It always makes me laugh out loud!) Have a great weekend.

  7. What a fantastic idea! This could be fun for a girl's night party too. And I totally saw the dragon in your pic. I'll bet you spoil those nephews rotten don't you? Don't lie!

  8. Genius! Michelle, you need to get yourself an Etsy shop!

  9. What a great idea for a christmas present. Maybe for a girl who thinking of making her own jewelry. Your puppie Star is gorgeous, hope she's getting a new home soon. Wishing you a nice weekend. /Therese

  10. That's so cute! (The bling as well as the Dalligator ^^)

    I always loved the crafting sessions with my siblings before christmas. Now I have them every time my sister is back in town with her. Nothing beats talking, music, coffee and crafting together!

  11. What a great idea. I might use this for teacher gifts. Gotta be better than mugs and apple related decor.Thanks for sharing!

  12. beautiful work.thank you very much for ur lovely comment in my blog.

  13. Kits as gifts! *Face palm* Why didn't I think of that?

  14. You sure had me laughing with this one, and your drawings are "gallery worthy." Love the bun, reminds me of my Nana. Alligators, dragons...I get the confusion.
    Yep, once ya start with the jewelry, there's no turning back. Great idea with the kit;-)

  15. The earring kits are a great idea! Nothin' wrong with your drawings, I see dragon! Since when do alligators breath fire? :)

  16. Hi, Michelle! You are so talented... I wish someday, I could be like you! ^^)

  17. Kits are a great gift idea!!
    Who knew those earrings were so easy yet great looking?!

  18. AWESOME tutorial!! And, a kit really is a great idea. Thanks for the instructions....making jewelry is near the top of my list of crafty things to try. :-)

  19. It is a Darling Aligator, you have to admit. When I saw it, being well past the age of learning the alphabet, I thought it was a dinosaur... that would have worked. Your nephew just doesn't have the life experience to figure out what d stands for. Loved the tut.