Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pupsicle of the Month: a shining Star

Helloooo and welcome to December's Delicious Pupsicle of the Month.  Each month I highlight a rescue dog who wants to come home with YOU.  (Or possibly YOU.  Or YOU over there lurking at the back of the blog.  That's right, I'm lookin' at you.)  As part of my Pupsicle Action Plan, I will contribute $75 towards the adoption fee of any of these cuties, and will deliver them right to your doorstep if you live anywhere in California, Nevada or Arizona.  (I like dogs and road trips, so this is a win-win.)

Meet Star.

Giant head!  Giant smile!  Giant heart!  Beautiful Star is around 2 years old, a fun and happy girl who loves everyone she meets.  She is super strong, and doesn't exactly know it.  She is basically a 60 lb. lap dog, and wants to be giddy and goofy and roll over for tummy scritches all day long. She adores little kids and would be a great family dog.  She's pretty good with other dogs, too - we would place her thoughtfully with other animals in the right situation.  Do you know someone who loves big dogs and is looking to adopt?  Get them over here!  Or send them to Star's YouTube video or the Fur Baby website for more photos.

People, this is a toughie.  Star is a Pit Bull.  That makes her a difficult pup to place, because of the preconceptions about the breed.  Los Angeles has so many homeless Pit Bulls, due to the gang and drug culture here.  These dogs are thrown away, abused and abandoned every day.  Star is a lucky girl because she was rescued by a no-kill shelter and we will keep her until we find the right placement.  Help us find a permanent home for Star, so we can rescue the next endangered doggie!

And just a reminder - there are still two itty-bitty Pupsicles waiting for homes, in case you think Star is a little too much dog for you.  Check out the Pupsicle link, up there at the top of my blog.

Thank you, my dearies, for reading these occasional off-topic, pup-centric posts.  It means a lot to me.

Much love, 



  1. Michelle, I wish I could adopt all these guys!

  2. She looks like a sweet girl. I'm so glad you're doing this each month. I know my dog would love her!

  3. Oh what a sweetie! I too wish I could bring all these cuties home!

  4. I have met some sweet pit bulls in my life, it's so sad how people mistrain some of them

  5. Little Albert is the sweetest...:)

  6. Maybe you would like to take a road trip to Minnesota in January? ;)

  7. She sounds and looks so much like the stray Pit Bull we found earlier this year who has become part of our family. He really does think he's a lap dog even though he's pushing 80 pounds.

  8. That hairless zombie thing that we adore at my house is a pitt. Talk about an undeserved reputation! Arwen is a little cuddlebunny. If you adopt a pitt, you adopt pure love.

  9. Nothing wrong with pit bulls, I adore them, and star is, well, a star!


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