Monday, December 6, 2010

Silly and fun, a cute ring you can make right now.

Somewhere in your house you must have some of this ball chain stuff.

Go find it!  Try the junk drawer, or someplace you keep the key rings, or rip one off a pull-chain light fixture.

Okay, now do this:

And now this.

Why, you ask?  So you can wear 'em like this!

They're fun to layer by themselves, or as a cute and casual addition to a handful of other rings.

The first-knuckle-ring is kind of a hip thing.  Edgy and interesting, give it a try!

Now - have you seen these?  They are 1.5mm ball chains.  Enamel-coated steel.  Sooo teeny and feminine, and tons of colors.

Do a search for them on Etsy, or find them here.  Now check out the ringification...

Your daughters will go absolutely crazy for these.

If you're anything like me, so might you.

Okay, gotta jet, hope you enjoyed this quick, fun, silly project.  See you soon!


  1. I always loved these chains, even as child! The rings are really cute :)

  2. such sweet rings! those colourful little ones are so cute and look so fetching as rings!

  3. I love how easy this is! And I also love your copyright. It's catchy!

  4. I like the itty-bitty ones - they are CUTE!!

  5. coloured ball chains? Now I've seen it all! :D Just as Saraccino, I always loved them. Might be a German childhood thing?

  6. You will have us searching through stores for the little color chains now....but how bright and cheerful they are!!!!!

    Anne in NC

  7. how nice idea..we can make any necklace also,or bracelet too..hmmm..thanks for sharing dear

  8. I love ball chains! I'm sure I've turned one into a ring before too, years ago ;) I also just read your copyright limerick - that is genius! You might need to have a copyright notice for your copyright notice - I bet some people will want to use it! Lol

    I'm gonna have to hunt out those skinny coloured ball chains, they are awesome!

  9. I just came across your site, crafty mama! Love it :) Way to repurpose! From one LA gal to another...

  10. I really like the tiny colored rings, they look so delicate yet industrial.

    Sometimes you can find colored ball chains at the hardware store. I've bought rainbow ball chains there before for a reasonable price.

  11. Ooh. I like the little colored ones! Where do you find the end-clip thingies for the smaller chains, though? Does Fire Mountain sell those?

  12. Beautiful!
    Thanks for linking again!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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