Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our first international Craftestant! An Envelope of Doom update.

I am extra happy to introduce our next crafter in the Envelope of Doom challenge. Steff lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She began her shiny new blog mere days ago, and is really on a roll.

She is already two thirds finished with the challenge, with two creative, accomplished and thoughtful gifts to show us! Made from a selection of items which most people would probably toss.

First up, she renovated an old wood frame, using decorative paper, a ribbon, rusty wire and a rusted metal ladybug. Wait, let me correct that. A rusted metal ladybird.

I love how she took a mishmash, and whipped up a custom piece that looks like something you'd buy in a specialty shop. Read all about the thought behind the gift (and the sweetest little Puppy of Doom) here.

Her 2nd project made me squeak out loud when I saw it. She used these craptastic - er, these darling little hair clips, which she has
christened The Mauve Plastic Flowers of Doom:

And turned them into these hip and adorable hair ornaments!

Aren't they great? I just love this transformation. I would wear them, and would definitely love to get them as a gift. Here's the link to see how she did it.

Steff, you are the coolest. I am so thrilled you're going to be sharing your creativity with the world. And I know from your emailed hints you have something unique up your sleeve for number three. I am on the edge of my seat.

And speaking of
The Mauve Plastic Flowers of Doom, here's another update just in - the second project from Neccie's Creations. I sent those boring mauve flowers to several of our craftestants, hoping for a real variety of ideas. I'm thrilled that Neccie came up with something wonderfully different - and really really cute.

Thanks, you guys - I mean it. You are making this so fun!


  1. OmG... my first feature!! Thanks so much, Mich, I'm so chuffed! x

  2. I love that your featured too and I have the tiny part at the bottom...I wasn't forgot YAY!