Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stepping Thru hoops: an Envelope of Doom Project.

Oh, yay! Here comes another project from the Envelope of Doom challenge! I am just loving how our crafters are stepping up.


From the gorgeous blog Stepping Thru Crazy comes a most elegant jewelry set. When you see what Sarah did, you'll be agape and agog.

Because I am a little bit mean, I sent her these:

She emailed me, plaintively: "Michelle! What are those plastic rings?" When I told her, was she afraid? Did she even flicker an eyelash? No, she did not. She crafted her tush off!


These are just so unique and beautiful. She used the mystery rings, a few millefiore beads from the Envelope of Doom, rafia and some craft wire. Read her detailed tutorial here. And be sure to take a spin around the rest of her blog, she is super talented and has a true eye for things that make you say, "Ah-ha!"

Seriously, Sarah, I can't believe you made those from those. (Read her post to find out what they are.) So happy you are participating! Send us another one soon!

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  1. very creative. now i want to collect them and make a cute necklace or two.