Friday, June 25, 2010

Merely horsing around.

Yesterday the phone rang. It was my friend Jane.

Jane: Michelle! I just bought a dried seahorse, about four inches high! Can you turn it into a necklace?
Me: Wait. What?
Jane: I said, I just bought a dried seahorse, about four inches high! Can you turn it into a necklace?
Me: Wait. What?

Eventually I agreed to try. Anything for Jane, a groovy girl and one of the nicest people in Hollywood. The seahorse was a special commission for a talented triple-threat artist she knows - someone who could, indeed, carry off such a look.

The problem: how to hang this fragile and unwieldy deceased fishie. It seemed a bit macabre to drill a hole through its dessicated little brain. So here's what I did:

If you click on the picture for a closer look, you will see that the seahorse necklace is - hee hee! The seahorse necklace is wearing a seahorse necklace.

Was that a wince I heard?

If, for some strange reason, you are about to click away from this post as fast as you can click, no, don't go! I made another version for myself. A teeny bit less certifiable.

And here's another one, in elephant.

Okay, I was only playing around; these are just for fun. But they did make me think.

Why am I drawn to certain jewelry components over and over? I have quite a few beads shaped like elephants. Multiple turtles. Many frogs. And a ridiculous number of flowers, pigs and monkeys. Do you guys find that happens to you?

There is a bit of guilt involved. Why, I ask myself sternly, do I feel compelled to buy a new filigree butterfly, when I already have a whole bunch of filigree butterflies at home? Do I really need yet another dragonfly bead? Or more tiny gold and silver leaves?

So today I was inspired to rummage through my stash and try layering like upon like. Here are a few things I came up with.

What do you tend to collect? Things shaped like cats? Stars? Birds? Would any of them like to live together on the same piece of jewelry?

That's it, just an idea to tinker with.
And my new excuse, next time I see a really cute dragonfly bead.

P.S. Oh, the seahorse necklace? I know what you're thinking, but no, it's not for Lady Gaga. Nor is it for David Hasselhoff. But I kinda think both could carry it off.


  1. I remember I had a dried seahorse as a kid, and it never crossed my mind that it was actually a dead fish. When I eventually realized (kids can be a tad thick, or is that just me?), I never touched it again. But even with a little shiver, I love your idea. Which is much more pleasing to look at in the version you did for yourself which, I have to say, I would buy straight away. How clever is that?? And the elephants are deffo mine, too. Hey, do you have a shop?
    There are a few charms on eBay over and ober again. Turtles are amongst them. And owls. Loads of owls. You have a point!

  2. I had a dried seahorse given to me by my Gramma. She grew up on the east coast and collected anything that came out of the ocean. Unfortunately I no longer have it due to an XH{aka: the Sphincter}.
    Love the butterfly necklace. I cruised through all your posts last night and found some wonderful inspiration. Your ideas ROCK! I look forward to your next post.


  3. YOU are a good friend, and a creative one. Turned out great. I think we're drawn to what we're drawn to. Unfortunately, I'm drawn to too many things! Especially the clearance sections of my favorite stores. Must be my inner forager? I love to comb through bins and piles of stuff and find my little treasures with no real plan in mind at the time.

  4. Thats pretty M. I love that the seahorse has a seashore necklace on. I really didn't think that was real till I read the post. I have that problem too but its will pink beads not animals.

  5. Your jewelry is GORGEOUS! Glad you saw my ric rac rosette necklace & left a comment, so I could stop by! Will be back often!