Friday, May 19, 2017

Air Dry Clay Creature Skulls

Hello again!  I used some kids' air dry clay (mine was Crayola brand from the drugstore) to make a fun and weird little creature skull pendant.  Take a look!

Want to try something like this?  Well, here's what I did.  First, using my nearly-non-existent sculpting skillz, I molded the plain white clay into these vaguely reptilian skull beads...

I'm still not sure if they are tiny dragons, baby gators, or lizards of an identified species.  As you can see, pretty much anyone could whip these up.  Bring in a kid to help if you aren't feeling skullish.

I left them to dry overnight, and then they were ready to decorate.

I sat down with my mom and some Sharpies, and we each did a skull.  Mine:

And Mom's:

I always LOVE what she does, without being able to do anything similar myself.  I adore how our artistic styles are so different - it's like we come from different creative planets!  

Next step: I made a curlicue on the end of some craft wire, and threaded it through the skull bead.

I finished up my pendant with a little bead tucked into that depression to protect the hole, and a loop for hanging.

Then I added it to a bright glass bead necklace.  Because the critter obviously wasn't colorful ENOUGH, right?

Here's a wider shot of the full necklace:

I've already gotten some compliments on it.

I hope this inspires somebody to grab a blob of air dry clay and make a big focal bead.  It's fun and quick!  Let it dry overnight, then Sharpie at will.

Later, gators!


  1. Love it Mich, and great to see you on Craft schooling sunday, hope all is well!

  2. You have some mighty fine molding skills...just as cute as can be!

  3. The easiest way to make a skull is to make a plump teardrop and them make indentations in that. Your piece reminds me so much of the sugar skulls. Surprisingly patterned skulls scare me quite a bit while I like plain skulls.

  4. This is so cute! I really like the way you draw on these. Air dry clay is always interesting. I enjoy making pendants with clay. Your Mom did great job as well :)