Friday, March 17, 2017

Quick Jewelry Makeover: Refashion An Elastic Bracelet

Hi!  Today I have a frugal and easy makeover for you.  First let me show you the end result: these pearly, coppery little necklaces.

I've been wearing them a lot lately - they are subtle, so simple and go with everything.

Here's another design, this one a bit more shmancy:

The makeover began with this (sorta, maybe, kinda) cute elastic bracelet...

...which I probably would never wear in real life.  Not that it was awful, just not my personal style.   But I do love the individual segments.  Such a pretty dark copper color and a nice silhouette.

So I turned them into necklace focals.

For the simple version, all I did was thread two headpins through the focal.  At the top, I turned two small loops.

I added chain and pearls to complete the necklaces.

The fancier, tasseled necklace went together differently. It's created with flexible beading wire (tiger tail), covered over with hollow coiled wire.  You can see this a bit better in the closeup:

The coils are a cool way to disguise the plain tiger tail underneath, don't you think?  (In case you're curious, here's where I bought the coil stuff.)

I had lots of fun raiding my stash for copper-toned treasures to tie onto the tassel.

Btw, those tiny rusty flower buds began life as mini jingle bells - click here for the how-to.

Anyway, you get the idea - you can harvest eight (or more!) focal pieces from one bracelet, and go nuts coming up with various necklace designs.

As frugal as this is, it could be a great party project or craft night challenge: how many different ways can a bunch of people use the same focal?

Before I go, one more makeover to show you - and this time, the bracelet in question is genuinely ugly.

Yuck!  No.  But maybe the individual segments had potential.

So here's what I did with one of them.  Step one: string a few beads on craft wire, and thread the wire up through the two holes:

Make wrapped loops on top.

Add some ribbon, a chain, or a length of cord, like so:

And what is it?  Why, this - an eyeglass holder necklace.

I definitely think it's an improvement on the dreadful original jewel!  Not to mention useful as heck.

And hey - I have nine more sparkly segments to experiment with.  Got any suggestions?


  1. I don't like the bracelets at all. They are simply too much.
    But what you've made of them is really beautiful!

    1. Agreed!!! Too much and too tacky! I actually bought them on purpose to break them apart, and also they were on sale for a very cheap price (yay). Thanks, Centi, you are always so sweet to comment!

  2. Great Makeover Michelle. I think that the one with tassels looks really great and its in trend too. Th sunglasses holder is a genius idea. Maybe you can make more tassel necklaces with the sparkly bits

  3. You're brilliant! Love the idea of having a party around the theme of turning "this thing" into something else. Unfortunately, I have nothing similar that I can upcycle right now (or any sort of treasure trove to embellish with), but yes, extremely creative and inspiring!

  4. So neat! The tassel one, in particular, is just gorgeous!

  5. From blah and boring to fun and fancy. Love the eyeglass holder!!!

  6. I have been thinking about this and what about making it as part of a theme necklace? I have been seeing a lot of people making galaxy necklaces and this could be Saturn. Besides that, maybe some glam rings or you could even do a galaxy paint makeover on the white pearly part. That would be super fun for a pendant or glam ring. Another thought is to restring on leather with other beads leaving space between and making a boho belt. Maybe put some bell flowers on as well.. I think these are a gorgeous makeover.

    1. Omg, the galaxy necklace idea is so cool, Shannon! I can definitely see the pearly one as saturn, what a fun thought. I had the same idea to try a ring as you, I have some in progress but not quite happy with them yet. A belt! Yes! That's a great idea, because the scale of these segments is so dang big. I'm going back to the drawing board thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Love! I have some bracelets I'd like to do with this technique!

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  9. The copper pieces with the pearls look so classy! Loved them!

  10. Very cute idea. Specially the loop with silver segment for eyeglasses is really smart idea. You can make some hair pins with these silver rhinestones segment. Many ideas :)