Friday, December 18, 2015

Rustic Wire Ornament Stand

Here's a sweet and simple wire ornament stand that you can make in 2 little minutes.  The best part: no tools needed!

Feature a favorite ornament on your mantel, or make a whole bunch of them as a different style of table centerpiece.

I used some garden wire that was in a big tangle, 'cause I was going for rustic.  (But you can use any wire, 22 gauge or thicker.)

Ready?  Let's make it!

Cut 1-2 feet of wire.  (The length depends on how tall your ornament is.)  Wrap one end around something round to make a circle.

Bend the wire sideways so it lies across the center of the circle.

At the halfway point, bend the wire straight up in the air.

About 1-2 inches from the wire end, make a downward bend like so:

Then at the very tip, make another upward bend for the hook.

If your ornament is flat, here's the look you're going for:

If the ornament is three dimensional, i.e. round or puffy, your stand should look more like this, with extra room for the ornament's girth:

Now add a little twine bow...

Done!  Aren't they easy?!

Here's one with a bigger, swoopier bow, so cute...

Experiment with ribbon, yarn, or other fibers to make the look your own.  Oh, and if you use new, un-kinked wire, your little stand will look less rustic, more sleek.

Stability tip: since most ornaments are light, you can get away with a 2-3 inch base circle.  For heaftier ornaments, widen it to 4-5 inches, and/or use heavier wire.

Later, creators!


  1. This is super pretty Mich :) Good idea for other creative thingies display as well. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have great holidays season!

  2. Wow! I haven't seen you in the linky part at FineCraftGuild for ages! Thx for coming back and sharing!!

  3. Just discovered how to make an inexpensive centerpiece for my table. (Ornaments for Christmas, other things for other times of the year.) You're the best, Michelle. :-)

    1. Aw! Thank you, Suzanne, what a sweet comment. Yes, I was thinking along the same lines...Valentines Day, here we come! Happy season to you!

  4. This is such a pretty and original idea! And who would have thought to repurpose wire in such a cool way. Thanks for sharing wih us and Happy Holidays!

  5. Merry Merry dahling. Love this idea and featuring when my party opens. Truly inspired (as always)