Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Upcycled Drinking Straw Jewelry: Make A Posy Necklace

Here is my latest upcycled jewelry idea, featuring a flower in a little nest of green leaves:

If you've popped in recently, you've seen some of my efforts to upcycle every part of the nefarious Starbucks cup. 
So far I've turned them into awesome jewelry storage, cool beaded earrings, some wild chandy earrings, and some big floofy  flowers.

Today, the super easy DIY for another way to use those green plastic straws!

Create several short lengths of straw with diagonal cuts on both ends.

Poke holes through the centers with a pin.

On a long headpin, thread a flower bead and the straw segments.

Now add a bunch of little green seed beads.  Cinch everything up nice and tight - this will squish the straws flat so they look more leafy.  Finish with a wrapped loop to hold everything together.

Adjust the shape so the flower faces forward and the stem is a bit bendy.  Add a cord, neckwire or chain.

Done and done.  How cute is that?

Here's another version.  In place of the seed bead stem, make a big wrapped loop.  Then squoosh it semi-flat with a bend in the middle.  This pic shows how it should look:

Slide it onto a leather bracelet band.  Use pliers to gently crimp it against the band.  Voila!  A sweet little flower bracelet.

As you can probably tell, for the bracelet I used single-ended leaf segments instead of the double-ended ones, for a three-leaf effect.  Play around with the number of leaf points, until you get the right look to complement your flower bead.

I am having soooo much fun with these Starbucks straws!  Another idea for them coming soon - and it's not jewelry.  See you then! 


  1. wow wow wow, I think Starbucks should make a fun little craft brochure with all your ideas and pay you for it,
    or at least use your ideas, for say $50,000. From my mouth to their ears! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    1. Hahaha! I wouldn't say no to some frappucino love! Thanks, Sara, so happy you liked this one. I spent weeks glaring at the straws, saying, oh, those are so ugly, I will never find a use for them. Suddenly something clicked and now I am all straws, all the time.

  2. Well done Mich, you are such a smarty! and I totally agree with Sara..Starbucks should be giving you some favor for this :)
    Can't wait to see whats coming next :)

  3. You are really rocking these Starbucks recycled gems, Michelle! Really creative!!!!

  4. I agree that SBUX should be paying you something for these upcycles or at least have an external link to you. How fun! I got my goodies from my mom for my birthday and I will be emailing you soon with some goodies I made from the punch. I think these flowers would be great made into corsages (maybe with the plastic cup flowers, duct tape, or other), put onto headbands or ponytail bands! Love these so much! You rock.

    1. Thank you, darlink! I like the idea of a corsage with several blooms...I ran short of time, so just did the one flower on that bracelet, but totally agree it is crying out to be grouped. Yes, please send the punch pics!

  5. When will you be setting up your own jewelry display at Starbucks? Me thinks they'd be coming in for your creations and forget the coffee!

  6. Great way to recycle! These necklaces took fab!

    Claire xo
    Beads Jar UK

  7. Hi there
    Just stopped by to let you know that I featured this on my Round Tuit post this week!
    A Round Tuit 266
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success