Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Miniature Craft With Drinking Straws

Hey, hey, hey!  I have a little tiny craft for you guys.  It's my first ever attempt at something miniature, and it's a cutie.  Beaded flower pots!

Sorry, I forgot to put something in the picture for scale - the littlest one is only an inch tall.  Each 'vase' is just an extra-large bead.  I'm always so excited to find a use for random honking big beads that are too bulky, ugly or weirdo for jewelry.

This is the latest in a series using upcycled Starbucks cups.  Right now I'm working with those unlovely green straws - you know the ones.

Today's tute features the opposite-pointing leaf sets on these pretty darlings:

Ready?  Let us DIY!

Take a short segment of drinking straw and make a diagonal cut on one end.

On the other end, make two two very tiny cuts, like so:

Create two leaves of approximately the same length.  Here's how they should look.

Use a pin to poke a hole in each double-snipped end.  On a headpin, thread a "flower" bead and a couple of green seed beads. Now here's the important bit: when adding the leaf segments, flip one leaf over, so the two pieces nest back-to-back.

String a few more seed beads and finish with a wrapped loop.  Like so:

Then simply place the stem into a random honking big bead.

Make sure the bead is heavy enough that it won't tip over from the weight of your flower.  Permanence is optional: if you like, add a drop of glue inside the vase bead.


For the ones with long swordlike leaves, I just cut scraps of straw and poked them into the hole after placing the bare flower stem. 

So what say ye?  I'm not experienced with miniatures, but I kinda think these bitty things would make adorable dollhouse decor.  Let's see, what else could you do...

How about tiny party favors or place card weights?
With a rustic terracotta bead vase, use it in a fairy garden.
Pink ones for Valentine's day - ooOOooh, I'm totally doing that next year!
Tiny gift toppers?
Reverse the headpin so the loop's on top = necklaces or ornaments.

Let me know if you have any other ideas!

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  1. OOOH you could make them look like the Mario Brothers fire flowers and put them as cupcake toppers for a throwback or kids party. Leave the "pot" off the the bottom and make as a pendant with a loop on the top so you can attach to a necklace or use as a purse or pull. I love them.

    1. Eek, cupcake toppers! Love that idea. Possibly with pipe cleaners instead of craft wire? Thank you, Shannon, so thrilled you are digging all SBUX shenanigans!

  2. These really would be so cute on cupcakes or a big cake. Amazing what you come up with!!! Maybe Starbucks can poke a few in those yummy looking taste treats they sell.