Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bathroom Storage From A Repurposed Plant Stand

Hiya!  Check out this cute idea for some extra bathroom storage: a little stand-alone caddy, made from a thrift store plant stand.

I also made a smaller version, that actually sits inside my new shower.   Here it is in action.

I love it: such a functional concept.  A plant stand is designed to get wet, right?  Ergo, a natural bathroom storage piece!

The DIY could not be simpler.  Just find a wrought iron plant stand:

I got that little cutie at Walmart, for less than four bucks.  The tall one was six dollars at my neighborhood junque emporium.

A plate from the dollar store, simply placed on top:

Add some S-hooks.


Now just load it up with your soaps 'n' scrubbies 'n' stuff.

This would be an easy idea to adapt to lots of bathrooms.   It's small enough to fit in a corner of many showers.  It looks equally cute sitting next to a tub, or tucked into any little useless space.   And of course you would choose the plate to match your decor...I picture a vintage china pattern in a shabby chic cottage, or a black-and-white geometric design in a mid century house.

As you can see, I went kinda bright, hee hee.

Want to hear the story behind my need for a shower caddy?  My husband and I recently created a new Mexican tiled bathroom.  My favorite element: a pair of funky arched nichos.

Sorta proud of them.  *pats self on head*

I had planned on using the shower nicho to hold all of our toiletries.  But bleah!  Once everything got piled on, it looked cluttered.

So now all the potions and poufs go on the stand-alone caddy.  And the nicho got a simple makeover.  A couple of succulents and a sweet little Mexican bird:

Mucho better, doncha think?

That's all for today; hope you enjoyed the story and the repurpose.  See ya next time!


  1. Ah your shower is gorgeous! I love the tiles. That is such a great way to use those plant stands.

  2. Wow - your bathroom looks straight out of a boutique hotel!! (envy!!) LOL - those tiles are super gorgeous and the caddy looks really sweet. You deserve more than a pat - you deserve a long shower with some divine shower gels and lotions, fluffy bathrobes and delicious food waiting for you when you step out :D

  3. I love your tiles! What a brilliant idea to build that little niche even if it's only holding a few little treasures. Very clever with the plant stand idea. Hmm, I was just thinking a silver tray would be lookin' good too.

  4. Love the bird! Oh and of course the nifty caddy and TILES!

  5. The plant stand is genius! And your shower looks gorgeous. Love the bright colored tiles.

  6. OMG.. how smart.. I like the way you have done it.. and seriously your bathroom tiles & color is totally amazing! I would love to have a look at your whole house.. that must b prettiest..indeed..
    thanks for sharing this with us.. :)

  7. oooh - seriously cool that you did the Mexican Tile - it looks fabulous and the plant stand is a brilliant idea!!

  8. wow! the tiles is so colorful and fun...

  9. The nichos are FAAAAbulous! And your idea ain't half bad, either!