Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Spiky, Edgy Chain Design

Hi again, groovy people!  I wanted to show you these new necklaces I invented, featuring this spiky, strange, rather cool black chain.

I assembled the chain from a whole bunch of these little thingies:

Big plastic clasps from the kid's beading section at JoAnns.  They are child-friendly connectors for pony bead jewelry.  I pounced on 'em!  Love the interesting silhouette and matte black finish.  The whole package cost two bucks.

Here's the simple, fun, no tools needed DIY.

Set aside two clasps.  Using the rest of the package, make two long chains.  Just clip 'em together, clic, clic, clic!

Tip: try to connect each clasp pointing in the same direction.  It gives the chain a more sophisticated line, less higgledy-piggeldy.

Next, clip the bottom end of each chain to a big, bold pendant.

To fasten your necklace at the back, simply use that final clasp you set aside.  Optional: add a matching dangle for some extra jeuje.

That's it, baybee!

Extra bonus feature of this fun design: it's interchangeable.  With just a couple of clics, trade out the pendant whenever you feel the urge.

Now I feel like trying this with other types of connectors or clasps.  I wonder how a giant chain made of lobster clasps would look.  Hmm...too weird, even for me?

I'll let you know if it works.


  1. oh it looks really chic with that blue and black pendant

  2. That looks fun. It also be a cool chain for a chain wallet.

  3. I have got to start looking in the kids section of craft stores! Those are pretty cool necklaces and very interesting chains. Kudos to you for using Higledy Pigledy, sophisticated, edgy and spikey all in one post! Only you.....LOL!

  4. chain made out of clasps...hmmm
    I like it

  5. How cute is this? It looked dangerous when I saw the first picture, then I realized they were kid friendly clips.
    Very cool pendants.

  6. Hello! You continue with beautiful and original jewelry. Is fantastic!! Bye bye

  7. Fun - I really super like the second necklace.