Saturday, January 25, 2014

Red Valentine Jewelry (Made From Cat Toys)

You know what's fun to do in January?  Buy super cheap discounted Christmas stuff in red-and-green...fer example, I got these kitty balls for 97 cents...

...then set aside the greens for later, and make Valentine crafts with the reds!

Do you like red and black for Valentine's Day?  I do - seems somehow more hip than pink.  (Not that there's anything wrong with pink.)  I made these cuties in just a few minutes, with no tools needed!

Ready to DIY?  Let's start with the cocktail ring.  You need a kitty ball, a ring blank and some skinny ribbon.

I used a little bit of craft wire as a needle, to help guide the ribbon where it needed to go.

Thread the ribbon through two holes in the ring blank, then up through the kitty ball.

Tip: it may take a couple of tries before you feel you've found the right holes in the kitty ball - just experiment a bit until they seem about right.  It doesn't need to be exactly symmetrical!  I actually prefer the look with a slightly off-center ribbon.

Tie a leetle bow!  Trim the ends.

Wear your kitty ball proudly!

Now the necklace - another very easy one.  I used some light plastic chain, which comes with its own linkers.  (Of course you can use ordinary chain and jump rings instead.)

First I connected two lengths, because I wanted a longer chain.

Then I used two more linkers to connect the chain to a couple of spots on the kitty ball.

That's pretty cute right there, eh?

But if you like, tie a little bow as follows:

Gosh, I love these!

I'll post something with the green kitty balls sometime in the near future.  Green for springtime.  Is it almost here?


  1. How cute! Have the kitties been following you around?

  2. I love the idea of tying the ring blank to the ball using ribbon, so much better than gluing it

  3. How fun! Way to make good use of a leeetle after holiday special!!

  4. Waoo.. too big as a ring but too good as a necklace :) Enjoy!!

  5. I love the necklace. :)

  6. Did you say cat toys and Valentines? I could not love them more. Kitty will be all over this.

  7. Don't know which I prefer... the necklace or the ring? They're both cool and fun and eclectic! Just like you, in fact. :)

  8. Multi-purpose holidaying...Green for St Paddy's Day

  9. How fun and cute!!!

  10. Love this idea, you could even make dangle earrings to match. Also either color would work for Christmas jewellry. ;)