Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jewelry Before And After: Tribal Tribulations

Hi, guys!  Today I inaugurate a new feature: Jewelry Before And After.  Not really a tutorial, just a little renovation inspiration.  I'll show you a nausea-inducing item of V.U.J. (Very Ugly Jewelry).  Then I'll reveal its makeover into something cute that I would actually wear.

I was given some hideous faux-tribal polymer clay necklaces by my dear friend Betty.  I didn't tell her they were so ugly, I had to hide them under the bed and cry.

There they stayed, for three long years.  Yesterday I brought them out of hiding and spent a fun hour recombining their DNA.

Check out the results.

Quite a bit cuter, eh?

What do you think?  I would absolutely wear it now.  Would it not be pretty with blue jeans, dressed up or down?

I found it really cool that by threading only one hole of the two-hole beads, I could change the geometry and create the pretty fan shape:

Try it next time you are playing with two-hole beads!

Moral of the story: dig around in your stash of V.U.G. and find something to renovate!  C'mon - I know you have some Very Ugly Jewelry.  Is it uglier than my blue tribal disasters? 



  1. A great redo! I like it? them? much better in this new necklace. I have plenty of V.U.G.!

  2. the before is not so bad, but the after is definitely great...the before is nothing compared to the plastic VUJs I have either thrown out or reused in the past..PS: why do people gift VUjs

    1. I have no clue. Just like my MIL, she knows I like purple, but she would give me ANYTHING purple. And just because it is purple doesn't mean it is fabulous. I had to tell her to stop buying me random stuff. She once sent me a couch pic and asked if I wanted it and it was a VUC with florals and not cute. I guess they mean well.....LOL

  3. Definitely better after you recombined their DNA. You're like a jewelry physicist or something!

  4. Pretty! I love the yellow bead.


  5. Thank you for this post- I too have a stash of VUJ- but I haven't had the imagination to see what recombining the DNA of the pieces might yield. Could be a weekend project.

  6. Michelle, I had to revisit your blog today to see what you are up to! I love the way you have created more geometrical shapes with the pieces. The green bead sets it off too. Great redo!

  7. Very Ugly Jewelry - gotta love that term! A very pretty redo :)

  8. Love this before and after idea. :) They are MUCH better now, btw.