Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bead A Handmade Evil Eye Talisman!

Today's tutorial is in the nature of a personal protection device.  To wit, a powerful Evil Eye talisman for your home.

Traditional Evil Eye beads have a dark blue rim, then white, then light blue, with a black dot in the center.

I decided to see if I could do it in beads and wire.  Gee whizbangs!  It turned out kinda cool.

Hung anyplace you might need protection, it wards off all kinds of badness.  Plus it's blue, and we all like blue, right?

Care to make one of your very own?  Here comes my fun, beady DIY!

Coil up one end of a short piece of craft wire.  (The coil is important for later - don't make just a loop.)  Then string your light blues.

 Wrap the free end around the base of the coil; snip off the extra.  Now you have your innermost teardrop.

Make white and dark blue ones in graduated sizes.  Check for size as you go, so the three colors will nest together.

Put a black bead on a headpin.  Make a large loop, and attach it in the center of the smallest teardrop.

Now comes a very interesting step!  Uncoil about 1/4" of wire on the smallest teardrop.  Uncoil about 1/8" on the middle one.  Leave the outer teardrop coiled tight.  Like this:

Add all three to a big jumpring.  (You could also simply tie them together, threading your string through all three little coils.)  To get the teardrops to nest properly, you might need to adjust the 'uncoilings' just a bit. 

All done!

Add string or ribbon and hang it up.  Breathe easy!  You are now perfectly safe from evil.

It's quite charming made with simple glass beads.  Of course you could amp it up with something more schmancy, like these millefiori... 

Or even semiprecious beads, mebbe?  Hmm, what's out there in the right colors?  How about lapis, quartz crystal and turquoise!  Ooh, I like the sound of that.

And say!   Father's Day approaches; also graduation time.  A personal protection device could be an excellent gift...

...for the rearview mirror of any honored dad or grad.

Hope you liked this idea - please let me know what you think.

Note to crankypants skeptics and partypooping doubters: I might not be 100% serious about the mystic, evil-fighting properties of beads, but I am quite serious about this: stay safe out there, everyone.



  1. the cutest interpretation of evil eye that I have ever seen :)turquoise is the gem for personal protection, safety and health so your are not far off the mark there. Also there is usually a magnetic coating in the evil eye charms which repel negative energy, its not the beads or colors that does that.

  2. Very good idea!Looks great!

  3. Surely you have no crankypants skeptics!! One can never have too much protection!! I love it!

  4. Leave it to you to give us a beaded evil eye creation. So darn cute and clever.

  5. You had me at "to wit." You had me at "to wit."

  6. I definitely need to get started on one right away! With more storms on the way, we need all the help we can get! lol Five ways I can get to OKC are all washed out! You be safe, too.

  7. love this Mich, especially to use it as a father's day gift, that's funny! How about making some really giant ones with huge beads, then you could sell them to airports as protection from the evil eye, and they could be a sculpture too....I could see huge white ones with a mix of wood being a big hit in the Hamptons....okay i'm babbling thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  8. Aaaah, I feel the badness leaving me even as I read this post. I've never heard of the "Evil Eye Talisman" before so not only am I less bad, I'm better educated to boot. :)

    Lovely Michelle!

  9. Awesome! A better word for it would be "amulet," since talismans technically are meant primarily to bring luck as opposed to warding off evil, which amulets supposedly do. Yes, I am an anal-retentive loser...and I plan to make this sa-WEET amulet very soon! THANKS!

  10. awesome dear! miss u so much...I failed to blog much due so issues...and the weather here is killing all my diy mood...and the haze is terrible...

  11. How Lovely it is.. thanks for the tutorial :)

  12. I think these would make adorable earrings. May try this idea in different colors, too.

    I noticed that a few of your comments mentioned the positive aspect of an amulet, vs. the negative aspect of a talisman. I always prefer to attract the positive, then it takes less effort to protect from the negative. Kinda like, is the glass half full, or half empty?

    Thanks for your inspiration!