Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Elegant Chain Tassel - super simple, no tools needed!

Hello, hello!  Something small today, but I think you guys are gonna love it.  Here's a really easy way to make a glamorous little chain tassel. 

The beauty part: no tools needed!  Ready?  Here goes.

Start with a piece of chain, plus some cord or string. 

How much chain, you ask?  Any length will work, but I suggest a minimum of 12 inches.  The longer the chain, the fuller the tassel.

Lay the chain out on a flat surface.  With your fingers, arrange it in approximately equal zig-zags, like so:

Thread the cord through individual links at the tops of the zig-zags.  You don't have to be exact about it (unless you want to).  I like an irregular tassel, myself.

Once you have all the zigzags on your cord, gather them up in the center.

You can use any size chain - even big chunky links!

 String a bead over the cord ends, and cinch it down onto the gathered chain...

Guess what?  That's a tassel, baby!!!

No measuring, no cutting, no tools or jump rings!

To finish up, add a decorative bead and tie the string off in a loop.  You now have a beautiful tassel ornament:

I can think of so many ways to use a cutie like this.  I'm sure you can think of a zillion more.  How about home decor...Christmas ornaments...purse accessories!  Maybe even make an extra-small pair, and turn them into a pair of earrings.

My favorite way to use them: a quick tassel necklace!  Just add a big pendant-sized bead, and tie an overhand knot above:

Annnd BOOM!  It's a necklace!

I love the look of these.  And seriously, could they be any simpler?

It's a great way to use up odd lengths of chain, or turn inexpensive chain into something really swelegant.  (That lavender bead ornament I showed you?  Cheap 'n ugly hardware chain!  The guy at the home improvement store will cut it to any length you ask.)

Hope you liked this tassel tute - I really enjoyed showing you how to do it.  It's one of my sneakiest, most loved little shortcuts.

Thanks so much for coming by!


  1. very nice necklace!!!The green is so fresh!

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  3. Such a neat tip! If it was me I would be measuring and cutting with the pliers! Thanks for sharing. :-)


  4. You...are a genius!! I am pinning this to my "Genius" board on pinterest!! Even I can handle this tassel making!!

  5. So that's how they do it! I've been wanting to make a tassel necklace forever, just too lazy to cut all that chain. Now, I'll do it. Thnks for the sneaky short cut!

  6. Love the horse one, nice technique Michelle.

    1. "Swelegant"... totally stealing that one from you!!!! Yoink!!!!

  7. So cute.. Love the idea.. what a beautiful technique of gathering chain :)

  8. So cute and simple! I love it!

  9. great fast idea for a tassle! thanks

  10. Love it! You are so cool. Thanks for the links - I am in Central Oklahoma.

    1. Stay safe, Sharon! You probably know people who have been affected - I hope all your friends and family are well.

  11. Such a smart little tassel tute! I really like the one with the beads on the ends. So very pretty!

  12. Very clever - such an easy way to do it...

  13. Hi, I just found your blog through Creating my way to Success, I love your creations! You are a talented lady!!!! New follower here via GFC and bloglovin. I hope that you will visit my blog, the link is under my signature.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!!
    Marisa from

  14. Easy peasy and so clever and cute too. Thanks for sharing your secret.

  15. Wow, why didn't I think of that?

  16. Brilliant! Featuring this when my link party goes up tonight!

  17. brilliant! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!