Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Leafy Silver Stems

Whoohoo!  Time to reveal the solution to my latest Guess The Mystery Thing challenge!  For a few days now, my readers have been chiming in to identify the silver leaf-and-stem wirework in these upcycled necklaces:


Think you know the answer?  Did anyone guess?  Read on to find out!

First, Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Maple Girl: Faerie fence wire, used to keep their tiny cows in pasture. 
Amy:  Barbie's soap bubble wands?
Shannon: Bra wires!
MC:  Those mind-boggling wire puzzles that take a lot of patience and logic.  You turned them into a necklace so no other unsuspecting person will spend countless hours trying to figure out how to get them apart...awesome!
Anne P: You STOLE the propellers off the Smurfs' raceboat - now how are they going to win the next race???

Ha!  So very excellently incorrect!  Now why haven't I used bra wires yet?  Dear knows I have plenty of overworked, utterly exhausted underwires in my wardrobe.  The poor, stressed-out darlings would no doubt love to change careers and become a dainty piece of jewelry. 

Now on to the reveal.

So what do you think - did I stump you?

Or was this an easy one?

This time, I bow to your perspicacity.

To put it another way, ya got me!

A whole bunch of you figured it out.

Wahhh!  I lose!

Ready?  Here's the answer...  

Those nasty, sharp, traditional drapery hooks.  The ones you stab into pleated curtains.  If it's 1974 and you are a masochist.

Winners, winners!  The top prize goes to the first person who guessed drapery hooks and also made her email available: Jodie!  (So sorry, annabel52 - you were first first, but there was no contact info.)  And our lovely runner up, chosen by Ardith!  Woohoo to you both!  Please check for my email coming soon.

I really had fun making these; it took some muscle to bend the shapes, but otherwise it was so simple!

Is anyone interested in a tutorial?  (Lemme know.)  Thanks so much for playing, you guys - 'twas a fun one.


  1. Another good one - but I think they are all great because I never get them. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. IMA get these tomorrow while I am out to use with some beads that I have at the house.

    2. BTW, is the "string" on the brown flower ones shoe laces?

  3. How do you bend these without drawing blood? Thanks Mich!

  4. Yes, I thought they looked familiar, but of course I was late for the guess. These are fabulous!!

  5. thank you ... First time I tried and I won yeahhhhhhh.

  6. Congratulations to the winners!!!

  7. I gasp every time because you are awesome at transforming objects...

  8. So sure that they were paperclips! Why is it that I am outsmarted yet again?

    Sakura Yamamoto

  9. I would like a tute! Love this!