Monday, March 11, 2013

Simple Drapery Hook Pendants You'll Swear By

Hi!  Today's tutorial is so simple, it can be done in just a few minutes...

But it does take some muscle!  Some intense plier grippage.  If you are up for a creative workout, using minimal tools and just a few supplies, with a gorgeous result...

...then gird your loins, flex your fingers and read on.

Supplies needed: old-fashioned drapery hooks, a large bead or two, and one jump ring.  Tools:  a beefy pair of pliers and a big, mean wire cutter.

Whatever you do, do not use delicate jewelry making tools.  Because drapery hooks will mess them up!  You know the hooks I mean?  Those spiky, gnarly, practically lethal ones.


Source note: this particular style is a 3" pin-on drapery hook.  I found mine stuck in some actual vintage pleated drapes.  But you can still buy them - I have seen them at fabric stores and Joann's, as well as several drapery stores online.  Check yard sales and thrift shops, because there are zillions of old drapes out there, with a few of these clinging on for dear life.

To make the basic component:

Grab the hook part with your pliers; yank it sideways until it touches the straight side to form a leaf shape.

That was easy, eh?   No, that's not the bit that takes muscle.

Okay, now snip away the sharp tip, so you won't injure yourself or anyone else.  You end up with a leaf and a stem.

Put a large bead on the stem...

...and use your pliers to make the smallest possible bend at the bottom, like so:

It's tough!  It takes some real finger strength - but you can do it.  (Note: you might need to say a bad word to help you accomplish this step.  "Damselfly!" "Sonofabiscuit!")

Ta-da!  The basic leaf-and-bead component.

It's cute enough to hang on a chain and wear all by itself.  But let's take it a step further, to make a double bead pendant.  Warning: you will need two swears to make this one.

To make a two-swear double-bead pendant:

Make two of the basic leaf and bead components - one a bit shorter than the other.  Spread the leaves, so they extend nearly straight out to the side.

Then simply attach a jump ring to both components:

Close the jump ring.  Add a chain, cord or neckwire.  You did it!  Aren't they fun?

A slightly trickier version is the triple leaf pendant.

To make a four-swear, triple leaf pendant:

Make the first easy leaf, as before.  Then you need to make three bends in the straight stem:

You might perspire.  You will curse each bend!  (You might possibly curse me.  Go ahead, I can take it.)  Make a basic bead-and-leaf component to match, and you will have this set:

Open a jump ring and add both components...

Close the jump ring, string the pendant, done!

Remember to put your nickels in the swear jar.  Then wear these lovelies with pride in a job well done.

Hope you enjoyed the tute!  See you back here soon for another adventure in upcycling.


  1. How nice! love the post and the beautiful pieces :)

  2. So darling idea! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. Any craft project that requires multiple swears and loin girding is alright by me.

  4. Michelle, where did you get the drapery hooks? The ones at Walmart are not the same as yours.

    1. Hi, Shannon - I updated the post to suggest where to get some - I found mine in some actual vintage drapery. They are called 3" pin-on drapery hooks, if you do a search online you will see a bunch.

    2. The funny thing is I used to have some old drapes that had these and I gave them all away, LOL. I found some, now to order them. Thanks Michelle :)

  5. I bet you've developed some serious guns making all your snazzy jewelry. Seriously, I think they should star in their own post sometime: "Michelle's Mighty Muscles". :)

  6. Great use fpr those vicious looking curtain hooks! The ones we have here don't have those spikes on - at least not so far as I've seen! I wonder if they bend more easily too - shall have to try!! - will see how many swears I need for Aussie curtain hooks!

    1. Hi, Jill, thanks for the note! I went back to update the post with some source ideas. These evil things are called 3" pin-on drapery hooks, and they can be found online...but I would love to see what you can do with the non-vicious Aussie type.

  7. Great tutorial and wonderful idea to make jewellry from drapery hooks! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at Project Inspired!

  8. How interesting! Thank you for showing us how to do it!