Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Did I Do To Deserve This?

What, what, whaaaat?  Last night, out of the blinding blue, this package arrived.

With that wrapping, who else could have sent it but Aunt Peaches?

Don't know what I did to deserve it, but I am strongly of the opinion that said Aunt Peaches has some kind of magical spider sense about things that are needed to make the world a better place.

Example: her cool little project called I Believe In Strangers.  It's a mere wisp of a blog, intentionally so - and it is an antidote to pretty much anything that is bothering you about this bad old world.

She also organizes a gigantic valentine swaps.  Just for fun and karma.  I could not join in this year and felt bad...sad...even guilty...and see what happened?  I think she sensed something going on with me.  (It has been a pretty rough month.)

She even sent jewelry and chocolate.

If you saw her tutorial for making these jambalaya heart boxes, you might have wondered, "Hmm, are those as pretty in person as they were on her blog?"  (Because she's awfully talented with a camera and maybe she did some tweaking?)

I am here to attest, they are even prettier in person.  And unexpectedly substantial.  Love that!  It feels super luxe and expensive, and it's made of free stuff.  Also, the non-valentiney colors make it a heart box for storage and decor all year round.  To make your own, click right here.

Um, thank you, Peaches.


  1. MICHELLE!! You didn't have to write a big stinking post up in here! Ughhg. I just wanted to send you something fun. My valentine cup raneth over last week and I wanted to share with one of my favorite people (that means YOU).

    I am glad to see Bailey approves. Lola put her heart (and hair) into that box lid ;)

  2. The only thing better than being fabulous is sharing fabulous. And both you and Peaches do that.

  3. She makes such beauty and you definitely deserve to be the recipient of some of it, I say. I hope you feel better soon Michelle. :)

  4. Oh, that is so nice and sweet! Just when you needed it too.

  5. What a pretty little heart box!! So nice to receive special and unexpected gifts!

  6. I love Aunt Peaches and her awesome tutorials. And who better deserving than you? I'm so glad to see Bailey. And I'm popping over to see the tute.

  7. What a kind person she is - and you deserve it so much.

  8. Of course you deserve it! Especially you :)

  9. What a lovely surprise for you!!

    Sorry to hear that things are going poorly. I hope the box is a sign of good things around the corner...

  10. What a sweet surprise and so generous of her! I know it brightened your day...very well deserved for someone who always makes us smile:-)

  11. I love surprise mail! Hopping on over to Aunt Peaches site now.


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