Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Stripey Happy Pendants

Okay, about to reveal the secret of this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.   My readers have been trying to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these upcycled necklaces:

What are those pretty, stripey overlays?  Think you know?  Did anyone guess it?  Let's find out!

First, presenting Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Beth: Barbie's wakeboard.
Katherine: The side of a mini pinball machine.
Hot Mess Housewife: Fabulous 60's linoleum for Totally Mod Barbie's dreamhouse!
Betsy: Hmm, if I blur my eyes, the horizontal one looks like an EKG on a color monitor.
Birdye: A child's xylophone.
Divya: A plastic growth chart?
Amy: You were running to the Dollar Store 2 minutes before closing time, you tripped and your cellphone fell out of your hand and cracked onto the pavement - and you thought of a way to upcycle your cellphone case into a beautiful pendant.
Dena: The border of a flea circus merry-go-round.
Imadorable: Pikachu's lamented haircut clippings.
Squarefeet: Teeny modern art.
Lisa: A flexible chopping mat.
Anne P: Sun visors for Papa Smurf's car.
Jinglesmom: You skinned a plastic tiger! 

Heeee!  No, I did not skin a plastic tiger, how could you accuse me of such a thing?

There will now be a scrolldown...


Actually, I know you are ready.

I hope you will be surprised.

Actually, I know you will be surprised, because nobody guessed it, bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!

The answer is...all that...

- and a bag of chips!   I found this adorable chip-n-dip bowl at the dollar store and fell madly for those retro stripes.

To make the pendants, I cut out rectangles from the stripey bits, and cold-connected them to wooden dominoes.

Winners, winners!  Congratulations to lovely guesstestants Imadorable and HotMessHousewife.   Be sure to check for my email, coming soon.

Thanks thanks thanks for playing, everyone! 



  1. So when is the "Mystery Thing" book going to come out because you better be writing one!

  2. Wow, Those are amazing!

    I want to run to the store and get some!

  3. My this rate no one will be able to guess anything right, you are making it so tough

  4. I just love how you've attached the plastic from the chip bowl to the wooden dominoes. Makes such a lovely pendant, Michelle!

  5. Never in a million gazillion years would I have guessed a necklace pendant could be made from a chip-n-dip bowl.

  6. are so clever deary!
    but they are looking so good..awesome!

  7. Happy fiesta - that is how it looks to me...