Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Craft Fail: It Is finally Safe To Share The Legend Of The Halloween Mohel

Gather round, kiddies, for the tale of a craft fail.  Recently I designed some cute earrings, made from the rings on the ends of these orange and black penny whistles:

I also made some darling necklaces using the mouthpiece part of the whistle.

Yep, I hear you say, that Mich L. sure has an eye for upcycling.  Why, her intincts are unerring, and she always knows exactly what she's doing.  Er...

Everyone loves a behind the scenes story, right?  I have to confess: the rings were not the reason I bought the bag of whistles.  Neither were the mouthpieces.  I bought them because I thought I could use the rounded tips.  Maybe create beaded tassels with them...?  Or flowers.  Or something.  I was sooo proud of myself.

Craft fail!

Anything I made from those rather...distinctive...little objects would end up looking like an illustration for The Legend of the Halloween Mohel.

What?  You have not heard of this?  Well!  Now that the dread month of October is over, and we have all (hopefully) made it through unscathed, it's probably safe to share this legend.  It is a tale that does not frighten women.  But if you have men in the house...

The Legend of the Halloween Mohel

Every year since time immemorial, he has come a-calling on All Hallow's Eve.  He comes when you are sleeping...whispering "Tip Or Treat!" in your ear.  Eeeeek!  Before you went to bed, you put out a dish of Halloween candy - the most expensive candy you could afford.  And as you cower, trembling, beneath your covers, you hope to heaven he decides to eat the candy and leave your house...

Without taking his tip.

The End.

Anyway, back to the craft fail.  There was no way I was using those stupid-looking little things.  So I had to change my plan.

Much better.

Thanks for coming by to listen to my tale.  Next storytime, I shall regale you with The Heartwarming Saga of The Thanksgiving High Colonic. 



  1. OMG - too funny. :D Though I do like what you ultimately made from those cute little penny whistles. :)

  2. ROFL ...what did the mohel say to the barber? just a little off the top please.

  3. Yeah, I'm glad you switched gears...they are rather "odd" looking.

  4. Isn't funny how things don't look like other things in context. Have to change the name to penissy whistles. Too wrong!! Ps: my beautiful necklace arrived in Oz - apologies for not letting you know earlier and thanks again!!

  5. OMG!!! LMFPO!!! (If I had a P, that is!)

  6. LOL..after looking at that carrot pic in this narration I dont think I'll ever chop a carrot with a straight face :D

  7. LOL - the carrot and knife got me! :-)

  8. erm... I don't get it, care to elaborate? *cheesy grin* Received my beautiful flower (and some wonderful extras!), feelin' happy as a pig in the mud! Thanks so much, you made my day (as is so often the case) You are a star. A STAR, I SAY!!!

  9. you're the funniest! it all ended happily ever after, which is nice. you continue to make your gorgeous jewelry and I'm sure you're that much wiser for it. :)