Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elegant Lampshade Ornaments...From Scrapbooking Brads.

Hiya!  Did you see my previous post on making links and jewelry drops from scrapbooking brads?  Today, a very pretty way to use them for decorating.

Do it simple, with one ornament:

Or add more, for a little extra shmancy:

Yep, I made the links and drops with some fancy little brads from the craft store:

Want to try this yourself?  Here comes the decorative DIY.

Start by turning your brads into links.  For my simple step-by-step tutorial, click right here.

To create this dainty lamp ornament, I mixed-and-matched a couple of different brad styles.  Just open and close jump rings to connect the links.

Easy squeezy.

Here's a detail of the chain part; notice the way I reversed directions on alternating scrollwork links.

 I dig them on a lampshade...

And they are pretty multiplied by three.

Whatcha think?  Gonna try it?

Super little tip:  an earring finding makes a fabulous ornament hanger!

Bonus: you can totally wear the short ones in your ears.

And store them on the lampshade so you will allways know where they are.


That's all for now - hope to see you back soon!


  1. Wao dear, it looks so smart, swirly shapes with stylish look :)
    Thanks for sharing the idea.
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    easy name without a long domain :)
    Thank you!!

  2. What a cool idea! Have earrings and decorate your lampshade,too! This is so creative!

  3. As if they weren't awesome enough before! Now they're even awesomer (is that a word) since they double as home decor.

  4. the earrings look totally awesome..they are my fav

  5. A- HA!!! Another post with my name on it in bright red letters. That lamp looks grand! I am thinking of ladies in fancy dress during the Twenties, tassels, sharp haircuts and slim, black cigarettes. But that's just me :D
    I think I'd hang my decor from the bottom of the lamp(still gotta do something about that zebra- cum- feather boa ceiling lamp I made to torture the Mister, that one NEEDS to go before I pour acid into my eyes) and a bit of elegant bling would totally spruce up the shade I have in mind. Hence I'd hang the decor from the bottom of the shade, otherwise it'd be a bit too hard to see. Thanks for this, I'm in love with it!
    (and nobody but you could design lamp bling that can be worn as ear bling. Nobody.) Now excuse me, I have scrapbooking supplies to find.

  6. I completely missed this post, and I am LOVING the lamp dangles! How DO you look at something and see what you see? I want to borrow your brain.